Mr. Belding: He Wasn’t a Principal, He Was A Pimp-cipal


It seemed like Saved by the Bell was on TV for long about forever.

It was on so long, I don’t even recognize that dude in the top left.  Who the hell is he?  They really must not have needed his ass because he got clipped and not replaced.  He looks like he’s supposed to be the cool ’80’s music teacher or something.  I also know I’m going to have a Lisa Turtle/Lark Voorhees flashback before this is all said and done.

Here’s the question, if you had to look at all the guys in this picture and predict who is pimpin’…who would it be. (Aside from the aforementioned Beaker looking guy…Seriously, who is that?)  Zack Morris?  Actually, where the hell is that dude and when was the last time her worked?  “Saved By the Bell: They Got Jobs Now“?  Screech?  He does have a sex tape (yes I didn’t look for nor link to it on purpose).  Slater?  Isn’t he dancing with the Stars?  Was that him?  It was right, so he’s got that bad dancing chick.  Well you’re all wrong.  The correct answer is Mr. Muthafackin’ Belding.  Peep this.

Mr. Belding is gettin’ it in Vegas.  Three chicks, trying to grab some high thigh, still dressed like a principal.  Don’t believe it’s him?

That’s him, and that’s not Lisa Turtle…she might be hiding a few turtles though.  So is Mr. Belding really pimping, can he strike a pose?

Nice, Mr. Belding.  Still got that sense of humor.  That pic is hilarious.  The classic “slap that ass” pic must have been right after this one.  What is this guy doing other than enjoying life?  Oh, and this isn’t news by the way, this is apparently what this guy does.  Talk about stretching out your 15 minutes of fame.  These chicks probably think it’s cute to bang Mr. Belding.

And for the record:

Lark Voorhees can still get it.  She looks like a regular chick too.  I might have to holler at her and Betty Okino and have a quick 80’s fantasy flashback.


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4 Responses to “Mr. Belding: He Wasn’t a Principal, He Was A Pimp-cipal”

  1. Petey Wheatsraw Says:

    I think breaker is that dude who owned the restaurant and pulled rabbits out of his hat…literally – right in the middle of the restaurant. Part time magician part time resteranteur. Should have failed health inspection.

  2. Trane Says:

    Lark is still fine. Who didn’t have a crush on her!
    Dang-My dad could of been Mr. Belding, he had Lark V in his PE class when she was in the 9th grade in Cali. Better yet, he could of introduced me….dammit.

  3. Will Says:

    Brock – Dawg I lost it soon as I saw the header! LOL
    SBTB is one of the best shows ever, that shit was just consistently funny and kept a fresh rotation of ‘can get it’ girls on the show. Whod’a thunk that Mr Belding would parlay his career into snaggin’ Vegas ass?! Way to go, Mr. B! haha

    oh yeh, ‘Beaker’ was the owner of the resteraunt, serving up burgers and magic tricks.

  4. otis Says:

    yeah that long lost dude was max cause they went to his restaurant. the max. yeah thats crazy mr bs left miss b at the crib

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