The Universe is Going Nuts


I’ve been away from the game for a second, but I’m starting to believe that everything is just going crazy out here. First off, Britney Spears actually looks good in these bikini shots.

Damn, I thought I was ready for Brit to go away, but looking at these pics brings me back to a better time. Come back Britney, come back.

Maaaayne, that aint the old Brit but it’s damn close. And while I usually think people are bullshittin when they say a bathing suit looks nice (it’s usually what’s in it that looks good) this little selection is doing it for me. It’s a damn shame when you’re actually shocked that a chick look normal.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Jesus! Looks like some unholy cross between Lion-o, skeletor and a great white oak! What the fuck happened to Madonna?

Dammit, that shit just isn’t right. Now I see why her old man left her high and dry. Jeez.

At least her daughter’s face acknowledges how ridiculous she looks. Dammit, have we been getting tricked all these years? Dammit, she actually has that look of Michael Jackson here. Looking all weak and decrepit. Fugly. Now see, now that I’ve experienced all that negativity, I need something to bring me back to center.

Ahhh, that’s better.

– Lake

3 Responses to “The Universe is Going Nuts”

  1. stizzo Says:

    the mexican AND the white dude in the background know what’s up on that kimmy pic. thick is the new american revolution, but that memo hasn’t circled around to mags like vogue and cosmopolitian yet. tsk tsk

  2. Lake Arlington Says:

    Haaaaa, good eye on that white dude. Even I missed that. haaaaa Hilarious.

  3. Will Says:


    Yo, I had to go view ‘Cherish’ to wash the taste out my mouth!

    Hey u think we …err, excuse me, UvT! … might be adding Lourdes to the annals in a few years?

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