Hilarious: Cassie and Diddy Got Engaged


Haaaaaaa, I love this. On the phone with my boy JP and he’s got it right. “This is one of those things where there will be no date set and then you’ll just hear about how they broke up.”

Let’s be crystal clear, Cassie is fine. She’s got a lil Milian in her, too. I like it. But let’s be certain, SHE WILL NEVER ACTUALLY GET MARRIED TO PUFF. Someone get Ryan Leslie errr Kim Porter on the horn. More later.

– Lake

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3 Responses to “Hilarious: Cassie and Diddy Got Engaged”

  1. RosyF Says:

    Lake, you know I am not in the Milian fan club but Cassie aint got a hint of curves to compare her to Milian. Cassie has got to eat a “samich” or three and drink some nutriment cuz I can’t even evaluate her since she’s got no Js and negative a**.

    But you’re rigth that engagement will have no date set…ever.

  2. Will Says:

    dude i can’t een comment on this – I’m still reeling from NC/MC running around looking ridiculous


    I just came back from vacation and OK WOAH I was shocked reading this excuse for publicity when I was catching up on all the old entries. I dont think DIDDY will ever actually marry her, however……. if you look at Cassie’s face she looks like a younger Jennifer Lopez minus that perfect JLO ASS and concaved Js hahaha… You think maybe Diddy looks at her face and wishes he was still with JLO… Just a thought…

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