Mr. T Says: “Yousa a Disgrace to the Man Race”


I hate feeding into a blatant attempt at viral marketing, but something about Mr. T firing a gatling gun full of Snicker bars at a speedwalker is hilarious.

No Mr. T, can I call ya “T”?, this is a disgrace to the man race.

Now see, T’s got on the same shorts as that speedwalker.  Hilarious.


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5 Responses to “Mr. T Says: “Yousa a Disgrace to the Man Race””

  1. Slick Jefferson Says:

    Mr. T is basically the greatest thing ever. He has my full support in all his endeavors. In fact, most endeavors not involving, but not officially endorsed by him also have my support.

  2. Lake Arlington Says:

    That “GET SOME NUTS” was great at the end though. I liked it. That receding mohawk is tragic.

  3. Slick Jefferson Says:

    I’m basically a fan of anything that Mr. T commits himself to doing, and even a few things that try to jack his swagger.

  4. Trane Says:

    Brock, I am in possession of one of Mr. T’s albums from back in the day.
    Let me just say, it’s dope!!! (end sarcasm).

    He does rap better than Lil Wayne though…by a long shot.

  5. Pitty the Fool! Says:

    I Pitty the Fool!!!, who talks trash about him!!!

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