Wonder Twins Activate!


Pretty crazy super hero get up this chick is rocking. I mean look at her….pants.

Ok, now I’m just getting downright ridiculous, but I’m two Mountain Dews in (should have never had the first one even) and it’s Friday, so fuck it. I’m not sure who this chick is, but I know she was on the UK Big Brother or something. Anyway, she’s somebody and a living exemplar of the scourge that is fake Js. I bet she’s classy.

Damn, couldn’t her partner in spit have at least been attractive? The crazy thing about the hizzoe on the left is that I can’t tell if she’s had too much fish and chips or not enough.

Why am I guessing this is not the first time she’s had multiple cats attached to he back piece? Wait, why am I posting this? I don’t do non-Soccer Euro news. Out.

– Lake

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