Cancel the UvT Summer Party…


Because we just relocated it to Greece.

I haven’t looked up American law on this topic, but nine British women and twelve men in Athens, Greece were just arrested for participating in an oral sex competition.

I know Shaq.  That’s what I said.

Where do I start?  Okay, let’s start with the fact that when I say nine women and twelve men were arrested for participating in this contest I don’t mean it was men versus women, I mean the women were in the contest, and the men were…how do you say…judging the contest.

Sorry Spitzer, no celebrity judges allowed.

Here’s my question.  How do you win this contest?  Enthusiasm?  Technique?  First to the finish line?  First to finish line doesn’t seem fair…that depends on the dude as much as the work the ‘contestant’ is putting in.  I think a combination of enthusiasm and technique is the only way to go.  But that is subjective so that means the ladies have to rotate to make sure every judge can make an accurate assessment.  That must have been how it was supposed to go down considering there were 12 guys and only 9 women.  That means the ladies came into the competition knowing they were going to be giving lots of head.

So the ladies got arrested for prostitution.  Which means they have been accused of getting paid for sex.  How exactly did this contest work?  I’m assuming there was no participation prize here, so technically only the winner was a prostitute, right?  She’s the only one who got paid.  It’s just like high school, everyone calls the girl who gives the best head a ho.

To me this isn’t prostitution, it’s more like gambling, a sporting contest.  You could take action from the sidelines.  In fact it would be a hell of a spectator sport.  Or has Superhead already won this competition in order to earn her moniker?

I say you have to earn it.

Hey, I hereby nominate the guys who organized this competition for the UvT awards…as soon as we have some.  Unless these chicks were professional porn stars, they had nine (relatively) regular chicks signing up for a head competition.  I mean girls gone wild gets loose, but this is a whole ‘notha level.


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3 Responses to “Cancel the UvT Summer Party…”

  1. SMH Says:

    The british STAY classy

  2. mrod Says:

    They should have had a video camera and claimed they were just making an art film.

  3. Will Says:

    Brock – Yeh Europe is on a whole ‘nother level of debauchery! Have u ever been yet? Before u die or get married – take a trip to Ibiza.
    but here’s the part I could never understand when it comes to these prostitution laws: How is this different from the billion$$ PORN industry – where people…..(drumroll please)…..get paid to have sex?

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