Summer Heat: What’s Up in Hip Hop


I can tell you that I have absolutely not use for Busta Rhymes. I mean, dude was fire back in his Scenario days, no question and homey definitely got shit poppin’ with that Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See. I mean, that shit was great. But right about now, dude is looking like Sam Perkins with the weaved out cornrowed up receding hairline. Just setting high screens and poppin’ threes. I mean, dude is just irrelevant.

Now see, sometimes those ‘roids can go the other way.

But I do appreciate that he has enough cents (get it? ahnt) to know that he’s gotta put top notch talent on his tracks nowadays. Peep Ludacris’ act on this Throw It Up joint.

Decent. I did appreciate Busta’s speaking in tongues reference, but the rest was well, fairly terrible. Wayne was Wayne, but he’s got better stuff. Like, well, this blackout right here on Don’t Touch Me. Trust me, Wayne’s verse is crazy.

Now that right there was straight FIrah from Wayne! Let me ask you hip hop cats now, though… Is Nas still relevant?

I don’t think so either. Yo, here’s our Playlist for July:

UvT July Mix

1. Gym Class Heroes – Cookie Jar (Feat. The-Dream) 3:35
2. Solange – I Decided 4:17
3. Alicia Keys – Teenage Love Affair (Remix) (Feat. LL Cool J) 4:08
4. Rick Ross – Get Down (Feat. Pharrell) 4:34
5. Three 6 Mafia – That’s Right (Feat. Akon) 2:56
6. Eve – Fantasy (Feat. Robin Thicke) 3:08
7. The Game – Dope Boys 4:03
8. John Legend – Green Light (Feat. Andre 3000) 4:37
9. 2 Pistols – You Know Me (Feat. Ray J) 3:43
10. Three 6 Mafia – My Own Way (Feat. Good Charlotte) 3:31
11. The Game – Pain (Remix) (Feat. Jadakiss, Bun B, Pusha T, Fat 5:31
Joe, Young Buck, Queen Latifah & Keyshia Cole)
12. Common – Announcement (Feat. Pharrell) 4:04
13. Chrishan – I Wish 4:55
14. Jim Jones – Money Right (Feat. NOE & Sen) 4:50
15. Romeo – Get Low Wit It (Feat. Akon) 4:40
16. G-Unit – Party Ain’t Over 3:30
17. 2 Pistols – Let’s Ride 3:37
18. Little Brother – Don’t You Have A Man (Feat. Drake & Dwele) 4:08
19. Tyga – First Timers 3:43

Stick with me. I got that fire.

– Lake

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14 Responses to “Summer Heat: What’s Up in Hip Hop”

  1. Phil Says:

    You’re nuts. Busta just may have the biggest comeback in Hip-Hop in years with the joints he’s been leaking! “I Got Bass” and “Blackout” are crazy. And Nas got a fire album, that’s all that matters, dude.

  2. Phil Says:

    And half that “playlist” is suspect! ROMEO? EVE? JIM JONES? TYGA? SOLANGE? And you’re saying Busta and Nas are irrelevant? How have any of those mediocre “talents” made themselves relevant? Please.

  3. Slick Jefferson Says:

    I’m saying, haven’t you guys heard of muxtape? the peanut gallery would be much obliged if there was a way to actually, you know, hear these songs. Also, I don’t see “A Milli” on that list, so my neck is kind of on a Mike Hart angle right now.

  4. Will Says:

    hey thanx for putting up a list of what is hot music right now!

  5. Lake Arlington Says:

    @Phil, are you crazy. Busta hasn’t done something worth hearing since “Make it Clap” and that was more Sean Paul than him. Nas? Nas is a clown. His album is about to go triple limestone. Look at his album promotion. That title is ridiculous. His act is old my man. Nobody wants to hear his brand of knowledge anymore. His lady is out of pocket..I mean, just awful. As for the list, it’s shit you’ll be hearing in September on the radio. When you do, you can take back these silly little words you’re speaking here. Ok?

    @Slick, I’m your pusher. If you really want those songs, let me know. For real. A Milli was on our list for March or something. We’re way ahead of the curve my man. Ask Brock, he’ll tell ya.

  6. Phil Says:

    You are BEYOND wrong, dude. MOST of those song are NOT on the radio. Such a liar. Hit me up when even half of those artists have a hot song that anyone knows the title of. And, unless you’re working for terrestrial radio and not telling us, you are FAR from ANY kind of predictor as to what will be on the radio. Jim Jones has a FLOP album out right now. ROMEO hasn’t had a song worth hearing since we heard his NAME. Eve is never coming out. This is 3-6’s worst album in their whole career. G-Unit ALREADY FLOPPED. No one cares about 2 Pistols, already another one-hit wonder like 95% of that list.

    Provide proof that even 1/4 of these “artists” will actually STICK. Young Buck, sure. LB, I can hope. The rest? Oh, right, most of these songs aren’t even out yet! Wow, I wonder why.

    So, I won’t have to take back jack shit.

    What the hell does Kelis have to do with Nas? Why you sweating someone’s wife? Bleah. I thought this was about MUSIC, not sensationalism.

    AND if Busta Rhymes is soooooooooooo wack, then WHY is he FEATURED on every huge album of 2008 and probably next year? You can check the tracklistings yourself. You telling me all those dudes, including WAYNE, are also weak cuz they called up an artist that can deliver?

    “Brand of knowledge”? What the hell are you talking about? As if somone out right now has a “competing brand of knowledge”? PLEASE.

    Who gives a fuck about radio these days? You, I guess. Having radio hits means nothing now and everyone knows it. Except you, I guess.

  7. Phil Says:

    Oh, and one of the real summer hits is already TRULY blowing up…”I GOT BASS” by who? BUSTA RHYMES. Nuff said.

  8. Lake Arlington Says:

    Dude, what are you talking about? I said they WILL be on the radio, not that they are. You sound ridiculous right now. You’re on here arguing with me about my opinions of what will be good in the future over music you admittedly have never heard? Come on now.

    ANd please, don’t hit me with those android level jedi mind tricks where you proffer an argument like, “so you’re saying lil wayne is weak” and then refute it by saying, “Lil Wayne is da man!!!” Those silly reindeer games might work in whatever group of cats you roll with, but not here. A clean 80% of what you wrote I never proclaimed. But since you’re so knowledgeable, why not educate us on more worthy topics like Obama v. McCain, Kardashian v. Biel, Deez Nutz v. Get off my dack. There are just so many ways you can help this blog, but trust me, this isn’t one of them.

    Finally, was that second post really all that necessary? I mean, even Shaq can’t believe that you wasted all our time with that trash comment. And Phil, Don Cornelius just called me, he’d like you to shut up too. You give me a song that’s mostly gimmick, zero substance and nothing I’ll ever hear at TenJune when I’m sippin on Grey Goose. Pleez. It’s hot for the summer alright, with the suckers who play the wall at bullshit ass clubs when you have to tell cats not to rock timbos and do rags, next.

  9. Phil Says:

    No substance, and yet most of the songs you’re promoting mean nothing. No substance, and yet you want to question Nas. No substance, and you want to give credit to a promethazine addict, not me. Don’t matter anyway, Nas already won with his “brand of knowledge”…#1 album. You haven’t proven anything. I’m out.

  10. Phil Says:

    Oh, and Bono called. He wants his hair back.

  11. Lake Arlington Says:

    Haa, I liked that one Phil. Hey, your mouth called, it wants my nuts back. But my zipper is stuck so you’ll have to go read another blog. And by no substance, I meant within a hip hop context, but I feel you dude. Nas won number 1 album? Are you talking Illmatic from ’93? You’ve really told me off here. I feel bloodied and bowed. Happy?

  12. Brock Hardon Says:

    Hey Phil, if we told you T-Pain was going to be hot two months before anyone heard “I’m in love with a stripper”, you would’ve called us assholes then too. As much as I hate him, the dude is selling records like crazy.

    Just ride on out homey. We’re ahead of the curve, you’ll agree with us when you catch up.

  13. Slick Jefferson Says:


    If there’s one thing your boy Slick loves, it’s a good ol’ fashioned flame war on the boards. Nice work, fellas. Glad I caught up with this one. I think that’s the first Brock/Lake double-team power bomb I’ve witnessed. Although Phil got in his licks, that joint was devastating. I’m just sayin’. That MoClo frown has never been used to greater effect.

    @Lake: I’m in a damn ‘nother city with an iPod situation whereas my joint is paired to another computer so I can’t update. If there’s a way to work a track exchange over the internets/email, please provide. ‘Cause I need a new injection.

  14. g-unit Says:

    Oh, and one of the real summer hits is already TRULY blowing up…”I GOT BASS” by who? BUSTA RHYMES. Nuff said.

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