Old Mayne McCain Has a Senior Moment…AGAIN


Some might think it’s too obvious and cheap to talk about McCain’s “Viagra Problem” given his old age, but I’m not above any of it.

Anyway, the old dude got stumped on a question from a reporter he talks to everyday on his “straight talk airplane” or whatever he calls it. The topic wasn’t complex universal health care restructuring or prescription drug reform..nah, it was why Congress generally and McCain specifically voted to make Viagra available for health care coverage while oral contraception was not. Watch the old guy begin to melt under the pressure.

Ok, is that the cat you want with his finger on the button? I think he got knocked over the head with one too many bamboo sticks in ‘Nam or something. Somebody get this cat a Boost or Ensure before he has to answer a question next time. And did you guys see that cat’s hand? Joint looked like the Crypt Keeper meets Aqua Man.

The scary thing is that I couldn’t tell if dude just blacked out on the issue for a second or if he just side stepped a potential land mine. Hey John, in case you don’t know the answer to that question, I’ll give it to you:

Viagra was made available by Congress, because the religious freaks in this country that lobby for their “faith based initiatives” don’t mind hitting the pharmacy when the good Lord has decided that ole Jeb from “da bible belt” doesn’t need to plant his seed in his old lady/cousin any longer. See, that’s when it’s ok to use science and technology. After all, ‘Git’n her Done is an inalienable God given right…right? But preventing teenagers and other women from getting preggers in the first place…well, “dats jus- unnatural, like Marilyn Manson, Barry Bond’s home run record and the rap muzic.”

Dude, why don’t we just give the election to Obama right now.

McCain might not even make it to November at this rate. The cat is just too old, too stiff (is it me or does it seem like the cat can’t lift his arms above his breast plate?), and too damn weak on basic issues. I mean, he made Bush…BUSH, look like George Washington in that interview. This cat makes John Kerry look Jesse “The Mind” Ventura out here.

Obama in 4 (games, months…whatever…jeez)

– Lake

6 Responses to “Old Mayne McCain Has a Senior Moment…AGAIN”

  1. mrod Says:

    Don’t be dragging Aquaman into this. Aquaman is a goddamn American hero.

  2. music4free Says:

    You are letting McCain get away with having a wife with a great rack and a daughter who is known to dress as the huge slut? That is so totally avoiding the whole point. Am not sure how you can’t at least post pix to prove the argument….That having been said, hi 5 to old man mccain for not having an ugly family…

  3. BHeez Says:

    Let me first say that I’m an Obama supporter. But in answer to your question…no–it’s not just you. It’s in fact true that McCain “can’t lift his arms above his breast plate.” But it’s not because he’s old; it’s because he suffered severe structural damage to his shoulders from being repeatedly beaten while in captivity.

    So yeah, good observation there, Lake.

  4. Lake Arlington Says:

    @Mrod, I agree that A-man is cool, but not on land, riding in the straight talk express

    @music4free – it’s funny you should mention that. I noticed that is wife was disproportionately hot when I was looking for pics. I haven’t peeped the daughter yet. I’ll be looking into this issue some more.

    @Bheez – So I’m an asshole, we already knew that. American hostage captivity jokes aren’t really funny…or are they?

    Obama in 4

  5. Slick Jefferson Says:

    Lake, I think you might have missed a great headline here: Old Mayne McCain Has a Senior Moment…AGAIN… ON A PLANE.

  6. Will Says:

    Fuck Aquaman! That dude is queer! Give me NAMOR any day – that nicca has an attitude, can throw down with the Hulk, tells the Avengers how much they suck, laid pipe to Invisible Chick on the low, AND screams ‘fuck land-dwellers’ on a daily basis! now Thats gangsta!

    er…what were we talking about again? -comic book Will

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