Jesse Jackson has Gone Nuts!


Oh Jesse, you had to go ahead and do it, huh?

Jesse got caught off guard with a “hot mic” and said that Barack Obama talks down to Black people and that he “wants to cut his nuts off”. First of all, any reference to another man’s nuts is a clear violation of rule #1. Jesse didn’t even say “no homo” before he said it. Second, why doesn’t Jesse tell us how he really feels. Finally, since when is “cut your nuts off” in anyone’s arsenal of insults? What happened to “take him out to the woodshed”, or “give him a piece of my mind”, or even a good old fashioned “whoop his ass”?

I guess his endorsement back in March doesn’t mean a damn thing. In fact, when was that last time Jesse did something that did mean a damn thing?

Right, in th 60’s. Jesse, look we’ve let you ride this long but you just officially wore out your usefulness. Your own son even called you out on this one.

That means that even a man who still rocks a high top fade has better judgment, tact and sense than you.

Look, we look past the fact that his latest “large-scale protests” end up looking like this

We will forget the fact that you got your side chick and staffer pregnant back in 2001. We will even look past the fact that for some reason your mustache has never been quite right. But come on Jesse, you know better than this. I know you didn’t expect everyone to pick up what you said because of the mic, but who the hell were you talking to and under what circumstance is that comment ever appropriate?

Right. Never. I know, I know, you wanted to be the first Black president in 1984, and now Barack is stealing your thunder.

Damn homey, in the 60’s you were the maaaaaaan homey.



Wait, wait, wait….  Now when I first heard this story I knew it was the worst, but I automatically imagined the best, worst case scenario.  You know, Jesse is backstage at a speaking engagement and there was a mic nearby.  He was sitting down a dais having a private whispered conversation a little too loudly.  Come to find out, this man was on a television set, fully miced up, sitting in front of a bank of televisions…DOING A FOX NEWS INTERVIEW!  And like my dreams of every taser incident that ever occurs from this day forth…THEY CAUGHT IT ON TAPE!

Jeeeeees.  I haven’t seen a “that ain’t right” look away like that since Mike Meyers was standing next to Kanye when he said “George Bush doesn’t care about Black people“. Jesse, you didn’t know the mic was on?  That’s like a chick being on the Bachelor and saying she didn’t know there were going to be 24 other babes there.  Like going to Vegas in July and saying I didn’t think it was going to be so hot.  Like doing an interview on Fox News and thinking they are going to be Fair and Balanced.  Wait, that’s what you did.  Dammit.  This clip is going to run forever.

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3 Responses to “Jesse Jackson has Gone Nuts!”

  1. static1 Says:

    Yeah, but he’s right.

    Same could apply to Barack’s FISA vote, his stance on Iraq, and his comments about Iran.

    Man ain’t all he says he is

  2. Lake Arlington Says:

    Jesse has officially outlived his usefulness.

    And Static1, he’s just doing that to get elected. People want Barack to be a martyr for their pet issues. Let the man win, THEN ask him to make moves in our interests.. ya dig?

  3. DHater Says:

    Come on folks, BHO didn’t say anything that wasn’t true. Big Perm, I mean Jesse got mad because statements like that from a black man running for President of the U.S. (who is not a Republican) is hitting Jesse in his pockets. In fact, this is emblematic of the whole problem that BHO’s prespective ascendence to the Oval Office poses for the whole race hustling industry. Cats might start saying, “A brothas in the White House. We’re all paid up. F*ck it!” Big Perm can’t have that, so he’s hatin.

    This cat should have been effectively “retired” once it was revealed that he got his side piece (and I use that term loosely – she was no prize) preggers and used Rainbow/Push money to pay her off.

    I’m not so sure that BHO didn’t plan this whole thing. Hell, pissing off Jesse might win him some votes in the heartland…

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