The Bachelorette Season Finale: Deanna Pappas Picks…..Jesse?


Hey, I recognize that it’s pretty terrible that I actually watched the finale of “The Bachelorette,” but there is just something about tv personalities claiming to be “in love” after hitting in the fantasy suite errr spending days upon days in romantic settings with cameras everywhere that brings a smile to my face.

And after all, this season’s bachelorette, Deanna Pappas, was the recipient of my favorite Bachelor beat down of all time when my main man Brad Womack iced down all 25 wanna be actresses errr women looking for love by putting Deanna to sleep in front of everyone with that “I can’t say I lub you, I have to tell you goodbye” double beat down…

AWESOME. Brad was the ultimate pimp and I love him for it.

Anyway, now it was time for Deanna to return the favor and return the favor she did.

Not only did she continue to refer to the “men she was falling in love with” (I know, I know, there is some hyper-technical and completely superficial distinction between loving someone and “falling in love with them”…ahnt And I’m still waiting for someone to tell me the difference between and African Ant Eater and an Aardvark) after each elimination, but she even let a dude get down on his damn knee before bitch slapping him with that solid “no get up, you haf ta git up” rhetoric…LOL.

Ha… Perfect. You spend all this time talking about how you don’t want to hurt anyone like Brad hurt you and by “hurt you” it just means that he didn’t pick your punk ass.

Then you allow a cat that you know full well that you aren’t going to pick get down on one knee with a ring in his hand?

Thanks. Deanna is the worst and I look forward to the news of her break up with Jesse in a clean 6 months. Speaking of Jesse, what in the hell was Deanna thinking with that selection?

I mean, this cat looks like a broke ass stand in for Crocket in a Miami Vice scene that was meant for Tubbs.

Only it’s 2008, not ’87. I know, I know, Deanna picked Jesse because it was true love and NOT because he’s a simple cat who snowboards for a living and gets paid damn well to do it.

Right and Hugh Hefner bangs out three blonds each night for their stimulating conversation and extraordinary minds.

Now the only question left is who will the next bachelor be? That crazy dude who tried to roll back on Deanna after she eliminated him or the dude who Deanna let get down on one knee. Either one will do. I just like the format. A bunch of actors and actresses fighting for true love, getting naked each week, kissing all up on each other and banging out in the fantasy suite. Perfect.

– Lake

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10 Responses to “The Bachelorette Season Finale: Deanna Pappas Picks…..Jesse?”

  1. mary perifimos Says:

    I was diasppointed that Deanna didn’t pick Jason. He seemed to me to be the most warm, real, affectionate guy who truly wanted to have a family life with her. I believe he loved her and I thought he would have been a better match.

  2. Lake Arlington Says:

    I suspect she took the snowboarder b/c he quietly makes lots of loot and she can control him. I’ve never seen a less gracious bachelor/bachette on the show. Jason will get that next slot as the Bachelor though. He was auditioning for it all last night with those stern, thoughtful looks… ha

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  5. Donna Says:

    I think DeAnna was stupid for not picking Jeremy. What a catch that would have been. I predict it will not last with Jesse.

  6. leti Says:

    I love the comments by Lake.. LOL

    I was shocked that she picked Jesse, but after looking back at her many comments through out the show. It was all about fun to her. When the “smoking hot” thing did not work out with Graham, she went straight to FUN. If only all life altering decisions could be made that way!

    It is a blessing though that she did not pick Jason because she was not ready at all for stability, or responsibility. She wants to ride the snow board through life. I hope she is happy, and I hope that pays the bills.

    Just like Brad did her a favor, she did Jason a big favor. I just wish she would have treated him with a little more respect than she did. She did the same thing to him as Brad did to her. But he handled the shock with respect, grace, and his dignity in tact. He is a winner in my book.

    But I did learned something. Deanna showed us that not all woman are looking for tall, dark, handsome, career oriented, stable, loving, romantic, respectful, grounded, sure of themselves, sense of humor, bright future, a man who is crazy about her, mature, caring kind, ready for a serious relationship.

    Girls just want to have fun. At some point though they will fall off the snowboard. Literally.

    I have no doubt that as disheveled as Jesse appears to be, that he is not a good person. I was just worried because he was not ready at all until he became the final 2, and then it was like “oh shit.” He threw up when he went to pick out her ring. Is that ready? I hope they have a “RAD” future together….

  7. Lake Arlington Says:

    Leti, I agree, girls just wanna have fun, BUT, it aint gonna be with a dude who doesn’t have the loot to finance their fun. I think she picked Jesse, in part, because he’s carefree, has the loot AND she can control him. Deanna is not a nice person. She’s controlling, selfish and damn self centered. I’ve never seen a Bach/Bachette who showed less grace and compassion for the contestants “looking for love”.. D made it all about what she wanted and then picked the schmuck with the deep pockets and carefree lifestyle to kick it with in the end. I just hope Jesse flakes out and kicks her to the curb…

  8. Jennifer Moore Says:

    Well I think DeAnna was wrong saying all those thing on Tv in what she wanted in a man and the producer of the show goes out and find her the her angel and she don’t see the angel God sent her. I think Jason was the most nice guy other then Jeremy and believe or not Graham was ok but Graham read her fast and she didn’t understand why he didn’t fall well she showed who the winner was at the Dodger game and everytime the guys was going to the who qas the first person the Jesse and who did she sit next too all the time Graham wasn’t crazy and I believe they ask Jason to stay after Graham wouldn’t jump thou the hoops for her. Bht on the other hand jason read her like a book from the time he talk to her at the limo night he watched her and he say that she don’t look at him like she dd with Jesse and Graham and Jason knew then that he wasn’t the one i think he told his mother at the home town the news ,for he was different after that and when they went on the one on dates she didn’t show that jumping hug she does and when she seen Jesse he said I can’t stand it you mine and they hug she told it almost over but if I have to tell my boyfriend to ask my father for my hand in marriage than i know who will br the boss of the house I hope he knows hoe to make love I hope he don’t have to ask his dad. smile

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  10. Southern Says:

    Jesse is perfect for Deanna! I felt the same way she did at first, but as soon as he started talking he was genuine, something that is hard to find with most men these days. She won’t have to wonder what he is thinking. He became her friend first, but always made her feel so glad to see her (he almost always picked her up). He is very athletic like her, and and adventuresome and he makes her LAUGH and challenge herself to go new heights. She introduced him to athletic endeavors, and he introduced her and was laid back when he fell in his dune buggy. Remember when he was the first to rush to her aid when she fell off the bull? Most were “too cool”. Jesse also got along with the other guys showing he didn’t have weird personality problems like Jeremy. Jess showed he is very romantic, sexy, and passionate and obviously SHOWS that he feels lucky and special that she loves him, what woman doesn’t want that? Being appreciated makes women feel more loving! Deanna noticed that he works with a charity group to help young kids learn to snowboard that wouldn’t have the opportunity otherwise, and that shows a sharing side. She connected with his parents also, and they will be spending time between Atlanta and Colorado which was important to her. Jason couldn’t do that easily with his job and obligations with his son.

    Jason talked about wanting a girl “like Deanna” and it is obvious that he needs a mother for his son, but he was serious, works out but not very athletic, very conventional, and he seemed trying to win her, not in love with her. BIG differences. I wish I had opened my heart more to a man I wasn’t sure could support me but loved what he did, and he was shorter than I thought I had to have. I know he had deep feelings for me and the men since have not turned out to have good hearts. GOOD FOR YOU DEANNA, I wish Jesse had an older brother! It is wonderful that she was smart enough to realize that her “list” wasn’t what she truly needed to make her happy. Conventional security is not enough for long term. Jesse will step to the plate and support her well, he just has an unconventional way of making a living since he will have a family.

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