Maybe Rappers Should Write Shit Down


You know Us Versus Them backs Lil Wayne big time.  The lyrics are hot, the metaphors are creative, the dude pumps out hundreds of free tracks a year, and he makes every remix hotter.

Wayne takes great pride in the fact that “I don’t write shit ’cause I ain’t got time”.  This might be controversial.  I think he needs to write some things down.  Honestly.  Look, here’s the problem.  Top five rappers dead or alive involve the following people:



Lil Wayne



Yeah, I left Pac and Rakim off the list.  Rakim was well ahead of his time but still an 80’s rapper…so he rapped like an 80’s rapper.  It is like Wilt Chamberlain, respect is due but he couldn’t hang in the modern era.  Pac?  I love Pac, but the more I listen to his old stuff the worse it gets.  Part of the problem is the fact that the world is flooded with trash verses that he never intended to come out…dammit, I’m on a tangent.  I’ve gone all Lake on y’all.

Anyway, back to the point.  At the top of the list is Big and Jay-Z.

Two that have had ridiculous success and have risen into legend by revealing the fact that they never write down lyrics.  Here’s my thing, they aren’t the best because they don’t write down lyrics.  They are the best and they happen to not write down lyrics.

Sure, the fact that “I Got a Story to Tell” and “22 Two’s” were both written without putting pen to paper is crazy.  But that is something that comes across after the fact.

Nas writes it all down, he’s got lyrics for that ass.  Eminem writes things down in some crazy ass ADD all over the page scrawled out, crumpled up paper type shit.  Once again the lyrics and the flow are crazy.

Wayne hasn’t exactly dropped the classic story rap.  At least Dr. Carter has a little bit of a theme, as does Mrs. Officer but those aren’t those classic story raps.  Wayne boasts, Wayne brags, his flow is insane as far as his ability to create rhythm and ride the beat.  But here’s the deal.  I don’t know how Big did it, but Jay apparently rides around the city pulling lyrics to a song together in his head.  Wayne comes into the booth, drops 4-8 bars…

…smokes some weed, sips some syrup out of that triple Styrofoam cup, and drops another 4-8 bars.  Once again, this dude is the hardest working man in the bitnah of rhyming, and he gives me more free tracks for my iPod than any man alive.  But I really think the dude could step his game up if he sat down and applied himself.

For instance, “OK you’re a goon, but what’s a goon to a goblin”.  So upon further research, here’s a goon:

Tough guy, classic thug.

Here’s a goblin:

Funny looking little green guy.  I guess he could be magical…or something.  I don’t know, I don’t play Dungeons and Dragons, my local dungeon master isn’t around.  I’m taking the goon, he’s gotta be strapped, right?  Now see, if Wayne had some more time to think about it, he could have flipped that around.

On the real though, that shit ain’t a badge of honor, write it down perfect it.  Kanye ripped the Lollipop remix.  Super creative stuff, and you know Kanye worked until he got it just right…with his crazy ass.

Here’s to the beginning of the write shit down movement.  Go ahead, tell me I’m wrong.  Hell, Us Versus Them could use an editor, our shit would be better too.


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14 Responses to “Maybe Rappers Should Write Shit Down”

  1. RosyF Says:

    Brock I tihink a goblin would beat a goon since a goon is a mere mortal and goblin’s have to be bad and scary since you usually hear the term ghost and goblin together unless goblins roll w/ Casper the Friendly Ghost.

    “You aint heard the latest Weezy F the greatest”. I agree it would be cool if the next album or set of mixtapes have a theme. He is still a youngin, so if I he can put down the syzzurp, he might step it up even more.

    “But I’m a champion, where’s the f*cking Rocky Theme
    Damn, rest in peace Applo Creed
    I’m a monster everyday is halloween”

  2. SMH Says:

    He is best when he is freestyling over known beats and trying to riff on original verses. e.g Georgia (Bush) and Show Me What You Got (youtube them)

  3. Manuva Says:

    I think Wayne’s flow is so hot that it doesn’t even need to warrant a double-take on what he’s saying. It’s like when Canibus said to LL about how he “ain’t got skills to eat a nigga’s ass” like him. And while that line is straight up construed as homo if left by itself, it’s Canibus’ flow that kills it and doesn’t even need to be questioned.

    Also, that is ridiculous that “I Got a Story to Tell” was not written. The flow and entire storytelling on that track was ridiculous. Either he studied that flow or went off the dome, and neither would surprise me. But that was the thing about Big; he would just put together words that I didn’t even know could be rhymed.

  4. KIR in NV Says:

    I love me some crazy, doped up, lil Weezy too but maybe the brother CAN’T write. I’m being serious here. I know dudes who graduated high school who are good for their name and address and that’s about it. Can’t read a lick, can’t write worth shit. Sad but true. Maybe Wayne “ain’t got time” because he didn’t make time back in 2nd grade. I think this is a bigger problem than we realize and contributes greatly to these cats getting punked on their business ventures. They either sign contracts with ridiculous terms that no sane (and literate) person would agree to, or they trust someone else to handle it for them, with predictable results.

  5. Will Says:

    TO ALL: Ya’ll gonna have to ‘excuse my circumference’ right about now, but I had sum issues with this posting. I guess I’m feelin alllll ‘UvT’ with what ain’t right in the world…lol

    @Brock – Dawg, Son…..c’mon man – Lil Wayne doesn’t go anywhere near the top 10 – let alone top five! I mean, I know these lists are subjective – but I can name better rappers ‘DOA’ without even trying: BIG PUN, BIG L, KRS-ONE, RAKIM, ICE CUBE, SUPERNATURAL, yes TUPAC….
    Dawg – — how can you put Wayne over Pac?
    2pac only has about what….20-30 hit songs?! Make that 20-30 WELL-KNOWN hit songs…..compared to Wayne’s *recent* string of nice features and guest spots on mixtapes. This isn’t even close bruh. Even with Pac’s ‘trash verses’.

    But… to each his own, i guess.

    I tell u what – 10-15 yrs from now, I seriously doubt people will be bumpin old Wheezy joints at cookouts and BBQs. I doubt that a decade from now, Wheezy will be looked at in reverence like, “Ay remember when…?’.

    Having been raised on hiphop since Day 1 (taking it back to ’77!) It sounds to me like people have a case of the ‘Hot Right Now’-itis. I just cannot see Wheezys name in the same PAGE as Biggie Jigga Nas Pac or even Big L – let alone the same pantheon of rap. (havin to use a $5 word here)

    ‘ol Curtis said it best: “Lil Wayne is hot…right now. He’s hot on features. He’s hot on other peoples songs. He won’t be relevant years from now. He’s not even known overseas.”
    -I agree with 50 on this.

    just my thoughts man… just my thoughts.

  6. Lake Arlington Says:

    Right and “Flyer than an Ostrich” by Santana comes to mind as well. Plus Jay Z’s use of “In-new-endo” as opposed to “innuendo” in that Super Ugly remix. There are tons of examples. They should all be writing shit down and getting it vetted by, well, me. Now on that goon, you got a supernatural looking goon. I was thinking more a thug… And since Wayne is clearly a real world goblin, I feel where he’s coming from. Oh and goblins definitely come strapped with magic…. ha that’s for certain.

    And finally, I don’t believe any of these fools when they say the don’t write it down. Ok? It’s just all part of the show.

  7. Lake Arlington Says:

    @Rosy F

    Ahnt on you dropping those lines. ha Like you’re actually down, I fed all of those to you months back. Nice try though.

    @Kir, Lil Weezy is actually in college and quite literate. he’s a student at University of Houston and has always said he wanted to go to school, even back when he was saying “bling bling”… I hear you, but for once, he’s not that kind of cat.

    @Will, I don’t know much about you other than the fact that you pull for OSU. As such, I must assume that you have midwest ties…ha AS SUCH, I must say, that you’re list doesn’t surprise me. 2Pac, who was good for what he was, but really became supernatural only AFTER he died. (Get it? ahnt) Pac may have evolved into a hot lyricist and yes, I know Brock said “Best Rapper” but the to me we’re talking lyrics here, but Pac’s flow was classic Bay Area “bitches and hoes” with occasional words that didn’t rhyme. I mean, most of his juice came from delivery and catch phrases “West Siieeede, Boss Players, Player Haters, Thug Life, Die in Dirt”….ha All that shit was swagger, not rapping ability. As for the rest of your list, why am I not shocked that there is a cat on it that I’ve never heard of before and me and hip hop are like dis son! ha Supernatural? I heard this cat Brock Hard-on had a hot flow too.. come on now.

    @SMH, very little of Wayne shat is a freestyle. He may not write, though I think he and the rest of them do, they just don’t have to look at notes when they spit, but the Drought 3 was not all freestyles….Georgia Bush neither.

  8. Slick Jefferson Says:

    Yeah, when Wayne dropped that “I am not like you, I am a Martian.” line, I was like, “cool, I’m with you, let’s see where this goes,” but it didn’t go anywhere. But the thing is, maybe Wang really is a Martian. No other solution makes sense. I mean: Ridiculous flow, wordplay for days (he even makes Common look pedestrian in this regard, which I would have thought impossible), B.I.G./’Pac-like charisma (can’t be imitated), and absolutely NO ability to string a concept through more than eight bars. His balance of supernatural gifts with such a glaring weakness is, well, completely alien.

    By the way, I’m always suspicious of top-whatever lists that don’t include Andre 3000. The original alien mc. The Art of Storytelling, indeed.

  9. Lake Arlington Says:

    Slick, you aint lied.. that Undre 3 g is a monster. That Life in a Day of Benjamin Andre is further proof. Too bad he thinks he’s too intelligent for the genre.

  10. Will Says:

    @Lake: insert foot A into mouth B.
    Bruh becuz u haven’t HEARD OF Supernatural doesn’t change the fact tha he is widely heralded (by most not named Lake) as one of the sickest freestylers of all time. Take a few seconds and google him…nah, matter fact – I’ll do u one 😉 let Wiki tell it….

    c’mon man, Pac was a poet and ill writer. We’re talking about a guy hwo started an entire LIFESTYLE!

    Where are guys from again???

    -midwest Will

  11. Will Says:

    hmmm lets try that again…,SUNA:2007-41,SUNA:en&q=rapper+supernatural

  12. Be On It Says:

    I didn’t read all the other responses, but I didn’t need to because I only have one thing to say. FUCK JAY-Z. Punk ass ghost writer having, gimmick-exploiting, camel faced, no street cred having industry trick. Like every good hoe, he did his thing, got paid. He needs to take his money and get the fuck out before his junk is dry.

    That’s all. My hater cap exploded off my head and landed across the room. I’m feeling much better now.

  13. friday Says:

    yeah, lake, i’m gonna have to jump in on anything you guys talk about hip hop. you’re wayyyyy off base on this one, too. here’s the deal. let will and i handle the hip hop talk. we’ll set everyone straight with unbiased opinions and real talk. wayne will never get into the top 10 list. album sales aside, go find a 30 year who listens to hip hop and ask him to compose a list of the top 10. anyone who puts wayne on that list has to back it up with a credible, logical explanation. wayne is new hotness. hell, have you heard the new single with lloyd? he took a rakim rap, and changed the words to it. they both start off with, “thinking of a master plan…..” . play that in a club and watch the true fans get animated. gotta agree with will on this one. he’s not even global yet.

  14. Lake Arlington Says:

    Hey homey, I appreciate the passion. keep it up.

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