Broke as a Joke: Vick Files for Bankruptcy


Damn, Mike Vick just filed for bankruptcy today.  Aint that a bitch.  Now that he’s in jail, tucked away tight for giving his boys a dog fighting business, don’t you feel safe?

jeez.  Look, I’m a dog lover.  I’ve got a dog.  I don’t want my dog to be abused, but dude, this cat didn’t deserve to have his life taken away, along with his freedom and all his damn money behind some dogs.  I know, I know, it’s a law and order society.  Then why isn’t the Worst President Ever in jail?

Terrible.  Mike, get up Mike.

Someone hand this cat a helmet.

– Lake


Now see, this just makes Vick reporting to jail early even worse.  Didn’t he know he needed to line someone up to open his mail and pay his bills?  What is Marcus doing these days?  Actually, he probably just found out it is time for him to move.  This is a damn shame, where’s the entourage?  I’m sure his boys were lined up to be “Driver”, “Weed…errrrrrr…water bottle holder”, and “Wingman” aka “second chair hoe gatherer”, but no one wanted to sign up as “bill payer” aka “make sure my shit is still here when I get back-er”.  That’s fucked up.

Damn I miss my dogs.


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8 Responses to “Broke as a Joke: Vick Files for Bankruptcy”

  1. Will Says:

    Ay Lake, Vick has waaay too much talent for the NFL to ignore. Filing for bankruptcy is just a formality – right? (anyone? financial peeps?)
    But it all comes down to this …. Biggest selling jersey of all time – sheeeeeit! lol

    Waiting on that comeback.

  2. Gordon Says:

    I’m a dog lover, a proud supporter and volunteer at the local SPCA shelter, and I’ll admit to not being too fussed over Michael Vick’s actions. It was a crime that didn’t hurt any other humans.

    I sleep so much better knowing that the federal authorities are hot on the trail of the likes of Michael Vick. It is a good thing that Osama Bin Laden didn’t get involved in dog fighting, the Federals might have caught him by now. Maybe they should focus on violent crimes directed toward other humans first, and worry about animal abuse second. If you don’t like to see animals abused and neglected, spay and neuter them.

    And to be brutally frank, the NFL hasn’t been much better in their treatment of retired and brain damaged players than dog fight owners have been. So who is guilty of crimes of intentional neglect and abuse?

  3. ladylove Says:

    Abuse of animals any way shape, form or fashion is horrible and unexceptable as they depend on us for their care and look to us for shelter and protection when domesticated.

    Its thouroughly a satanic deed to harm innocent dependent creatures… human or animal.

    If you don’t like to see animals abused and neglected, spay and neuter them? WTF!!!

    Spaying or neutering them has not a damn thing to do with abusing them for a living.

    What are you saying…If they are not spayed or neutered then they will just have to be abused.

    Nonsense. Mike is getting what he deserves on a downward spiral for lack of LOVE and compassion

    We have been given dominion over all animals big and small, WE are supposed to be bigger and smarter than that, But are we really?

    I’ve raised and rescued animals of all kinds all of my life, and each one precious to me and none ever rejected love and affection, They thrive from it just like we do, Especially those that had been abused or abandonded.

    He “HAD” bank And he should have been trying to help the breeds that are so forsaken, and branded as an evil breed crazy breed

    He only escalated the problem. I guess the dogs he destroyed got their revenge as they lay helpless bleeding dying for nothing but a game.

    No medical care….pure crazyness….just makes me sick inside.

    I see him having a ranch for battered and abused animals rather than founding and co-signing the battering and abuse himself.

    And he can very well make amends in his life aby committing to help future

  4. ladylove Says:

    And he can very well make amends in his life by committing to protect them rather than abuse them.

  5. Dice K Says:

    This Vick shit is hypocrisy defined. Hunters who have dogs. Dog lovers who want Vick’s life taken away, just before they eat a burger. Total bullshit. But aint that America. A dude finances a dog fighting ring for his boys to throw them a little scratch and loses his life for the whole thing. Meanwhile, very few if any dog rings are broken up otherwise or vigorously prosecuted. But the feds went after Vick.. I wonder why… please.

  6. Gordon Says:

    Dear Ladylove,

    I appreciate your passion.

    Spaying and neutering reduces the total number of domesticated cats and dogs in the USA. This surplus in small domesticated animals contributes to a culture of neglect and abuse. In the last 40 years the societal view, value, and treatment of small domesticated animals has undergone a paradigm shift among the middle and upper economic classes in the USA. When pets are undergoing chemotherapy, joint replacement surgery, and having Nuticles (an artificial testicle inserted to give a neutered dog a, “a more natural look”), the societal view of some types of animals has changed dramatically.

    There are a ton of things that Mr. Vick could have done with his time to make the world a better place, but he didn’t, and I don’t hold him to a different standard. Our current Vice-President shot a man in the face while hunting doves. When hunting birds, you never shoot down hill, which is what Vice-President Cheney did. S ohe is guilty of two crimes, he violated one of the sacred rules of hunting; don’t drink and shoot, and don’t shoot downhill. He also killed a small defenseless creature for sport. What has the Vice-President done to make this country/world better?

    What I find interesting is that the Federal government was on the watch for , and prosecuting animal abuse cases. I’d prefer they crack down on human abuse cases first. When all the child molesters, abusive husbands and fathers, and pieces of scum who sell drugs to children have been caught I’ll shout the loudest for law enforcement to round up the likes of Mr. Vick and Cheney, but until then, how about focusing on the humans.

  7. Will Says:

    Brock, u opened up a can on this one!

  8. Gordon Says:


    Worms don’t belong in cans. They belong on the end of a hook, connected to a pole, held by an 8 year old boy. At least until he is old enough to learn how to tie a lure.

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