Man Up Monday: Rafael Nadal


Rafa Nadal finally Manned Up yesterday and took out Roger Federer at Wimbledon.

Do you realize that Rafael Nadal holds the record for longest time at Number 2 in the world?  That has to be the worst record in the world.  That basically means that someone out there has been dominating you for the last five years…that someone would be Roger Federer who has been number one and has not lost Wimbledon in since 2002.

It took Nadal all day, five hours of play, five sets and nine games in the fifth to get it done, but he finally did it just before nightfall on the grass in England.  Rafael Nadal straight dominated Federer at the French Open, but everyone wrote him off because he is so damn good on clay.  We’ll he came to Wimbledon and did it again.  The crazy thing, he stil isn’t number one in the world.

I guess Roger Federer tried to write off his loss at the French Open as “being tired”…I got news for you R. Fed, that’s isn’t called getting tired unless you are willing to be tired for the rest of your life, it is called getting old and you might never get it back again.

Just ask Pete Sampras how it felt when you started whooping his ass.  Pete just went on ahead and retired, you might need to give him a call for a little advice.

Sure this is the first time that Man Up Monday highlights someone who already manned up.  But I had to give Rafael his props.  He definitely got it done for himself and Spain.

R. Fed, you are going to need to make it happen at the U.S. Open or people are going to be saying it is all over.  Good Luck, you’ve got a month and a half to man up or you can kiss that #1 ranking goodbye.


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One Response to “Man Up Monday: Rafael Nadal”

  1. Tito Says:

    You said “We’ll he came to Wimbledon and did it again.” At the French open he sure did, but to say he came to England and did it again is insane! This was Probably the Best Tennis match ever, a close second was last years Wimbledon match between the two! Neither Dominated Neither gave up and in the end Nadal won it in what would be considered double overtime in the 5th set were there is no tie breaker! I give it up to the Spaniard, But Federer isn’t finished Dominating Tennis. To consider him washed up would be a mistake. Looking forward to the US Open!

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