This is just funny to me…


Call me an asshole for taking so much pleasure in another human being’s demise, but there is just something HILARIOUS about these pics of Amy Winehouse.

Running all wild. Arms extra high. I mean, she looks like a human cartoon. This is the best shot.

Just rolling the F out like she’s in a marathon or something. I know, I know, she’s running from the paparazzi. And why is it necessary to actually run from them like you’re 7 years old?

Face looking all wild like an old catcher’s mitt. I mean, how old is that face at this point, 137 years young? Seriously, if they want to run an anti drugs campaign, they need only show this pic. And why is that hair still acceptable? Am I the only person on earth who thinks that head piece should be an arrestable offense?

And then she just jumped up on a wild car and drove off like Luke and Bo Duke. Crazy man. Those wild shorts, all the crazy tats… This is the wildest chick ever.

– Lake

4 Responses to “This is just funny to me…”

  1. Will Says:

    Yo why u put up her ‘angle 2’ shot? lol
    but foreal tho – whats tragic is that when she/if she were to DIE – then everyone would be talking about how they should have ‘reached out to her more’. RIght now, she’s being treated like a sideshow freak, people just observing her slowwww downward spirralllll….

    still looks funny as shit!

  2. Lake Arlington Says:

    It’s definitely a “when” she dies and I’ll feel bad when she does. But she’s like a cartoon character. That full out run is priceless.

  3. Royal Says:

    She’s on her way out man.
    looking like a goddamn cartoon.
    once again, hilarious.

  4. RosyF Says:

    Y’all aint right. Her addiction seems to be in a different league then other celebs which is crazy when you think about all the different movie stars, rock roll bands, and the rest who have been on this path.

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