Maybe I’m Late to This….but Lil Mama is


…fucking terrible.

Honestly, I understand that in entertainment there will always be gimmicks, but Lil Mama? She’s horrible. And the only reason why I even know who she is is because of this “America’s Best Dance Crew” show that’s on MTV. You know a show is fucked up when JC Chavez from NSync is the most legit cat at the judges table. It’s all horrible, top to bottom. I mean, even when Lil Mama is right, here shit is still wrong.

Count me in the camp of cats who doesn’t get it. And her input on this dance show is just awful too. I mean, can this chick even dance? Her comments are so general and basic, “I could tell yall were really puttin your all into it….I was feeling that…yeah”. Huh?

Just aint right. None of it.

– Lake

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2 Responses to “Maybe I’m Late to This….but Lil Mama is”

  1. Will Says:

    See? This is why I stay away from Reality TV! I shudder to think that our Yutes get a constant dose of this BS, permeating and staining their young impressionable brain cells. Ugh! -Will, on the Cosby tip

    UvT – u guys keep me entertained during my 9-5 daily grind!

  2. andyadontstop Says:

    you forgot how that crew “turnt it out” and how they “kilt it”…and how “y’all gave it y’alls all and y’all did y’all thing”…

    she sucks. late or not, you’re right…

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