Man Up Monday: Robin Lopez


Fine I know it isn’t Monday, but I’m out here in paradise so I’m a little late kill me.  Hey Robin Lopez, you look like a crazy man.

This picture is of the moment that you reached your #1 goal in life.  You are going to regret it 20 years from now when your son asks you what the hell you were thinking.  Oh, and you jacked Joachim Noah’s swagger.

Let me repeat, you jacked Joachim Noah’s swagger.  If you’re going to jack, at least pick a better role model.


P.S. – I’ll be back to full capacity next week.  Until the Lake is in control.  That means you will see more tail between now and Friday than is probably healthy for most people.

2 Responses to “Man Up Monday: Robin Lopez”

  1. KIR in NV Says:

    This Robin Lopez character is an up and coming NBA baller, right? Then I think the future convos looking back on draft day will be with his SONS and there will prolly be at least a half dozen Lopez seeds laughing at the above photo (unless he uses the Shawn Kemp rhythm method of birth control).

  2. Will Says:

    He damn sure jacked his swag.
    IMO, the NBA is 1/4 generation from full-on suckin’!
    Once KG, KOBE, and AI (and….Shaq)retires…we’ll see what happens. Ugh.

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