Interracial Dating: Sistas Change the Game


Is it just me or are there A LOT more black women rolling around with Extra Light Skinned “brothers” these days?

I mean, it was bad enough when Halle pulled a real Monster’s Ball and let that fake Sawyer loser knock her up.

But now the jungle fever seems to just be spreading like wild fire.  I know, I know, it’s “always been the guys who step away”….say the term “interracial dating” and this is automatically what most women think.

Boy and they do not like that little sly look on the YT woman’s face either.  It’s that “Yes I got yo man” and “yes I do EVERYTHING he asks, ya dig?” feel..

Ha.  Obviously the truth is far from it, but when I talk to my black female friends, that’s usually what they say.  It’s like babes are just throwing that sh*t in their faces.  But now the game dun changed, especially for the already sold sister and all her wanna-bees.

Hey, maybe it’s progress. I don’t know, but it’s happening more and more.  I mean, if you walk down the street in any upscale fashion street in America, you are guaran-damn-teed to see some rail thin, blue contact rocking, bone straight weave down to her arse chick with red lipstick and blue eye shadow just loving her life with a graying, semi chubby, balding white dude.  And yes, more likely than not, he’s some Euro slug trying to get his exotic on, but they don’t care.  The whole scene is pretty terrible actually.  I know, I know, who am I to talk about interracial when my whole existence as the coolest white cat on the internet is an interracial relationship occurring inside my own head.  Sure.  But dude, there’s just something about how these cats look.  I don’t know, it’s just got that feel…  Like this for instance:

Now see, something right there aint right.  But I guess something is always off key when it comes to terrible ass Naomi Campbell.

One thing is for sure, the days of the sis pinning over the 30 something brother with the banker/lawyer job (which is precisely what most of my friends are) are gone.  These babes are now taking those lemons and making lemonade…extra light lemonade.  Hell, you’ll even talk to a few who hit you with that “I don’t date black men“…

Now see, I can’t F with a chick like that.  And oh by the way, of all my black friends and lord knows I have plenty, exactly ZERO of them are married to a white woman.  I don’t know man, people should definitely be able to love whoever they want to, but there is still something not quite right in the execution.

With that said, I’ve decided to date UvT Cool Chicks Kir and Be On It at the same time this summer.  Trust me, once they go white they’ll know that shit is right.  ahnt.  ha

– Lake


Lake, you ain’t lied.  I’m on the road and have seen more brother with others in one place than I’ve ever seen in my life.  Hey, like Raekwon said in Ice Cream – French Vanilla, Butter Pecan, Chocolate Deluxe.  You gotta mix it up.  I don’t know about KIR and Be either homey.  First of all, you know they’re both Team Brock, second of all…you know the first ladies of UvT might be too much for one man to handle.  Even one man who is still wearing a fur coat in July.

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14 Responses to “Interracial Dating: Sistas Change the Game”

  1. The gell booty terrorist still at large Says:

    Er…. Lake darling, chile puleeze!

    You may think you’re white but with your sense of humor and your naturally histerical comical point of view, I’d swear somebody definitely snuck in the back door somewhere, somehow.

    If I were you, I wouldn’t even claim a race.
    I think you’re come far beyond that my dear

  2. The gell booty terrorist still at large Says:

    ment to say i think you’ve come far beyond that my dear..

    By the way, did you know you can get the gel in your hips too!

    What do you think about the stunning model thats supposed to have killed herself last saturday

    She was the Beyonce of the modeling industry, At the top of her game at just 20 years old, sending money to her mother and brother, holding it down….. but decides to fly out a 9th story window. Yeah right.

  3. lex Says:

    you are one racist mofo!

  4. Will Says:

    Yo bruh, I got a few points on this here – one of my fave topics. (and I cannot wait to see what Be has to say)
    Speakin of Be, I’m missing her comments! Damn Be, where u be? l

    * Being 2008, isn’t it time that Black women ‘ventured out’ more?
    * Is the interracial tag exclusive to Black Americans dating White Americans and ‘other’?
    * Is it an unwritten rule that the well-off Black man with the ‘token’ – does he HAVE to be shaved Bald? lol It seems to happen more oft than not.
    * So is rapper Common really against inter-racial dating?
    * If the White girl/guy is of European Spanish, Greek, ‘Moorish’ lol…other country – are they considered ‘White’ by America standards? (the ‘extra ethnicity’)
    * Is it interracial if the other is a ‘person of color’? (ie, PR and black, Mexican/black, blasians, etc)

    and last:

    * Wouldn’t Halle Berry’s ‘Sawyer’-dude make a decent Gambit in the new Wolverine movie?

  5. Bill Parcells Says:

    A couple answers for you Will…

    *Being that it’s 2008, I think it’s time that everybody started opening up the playbook on a more consistent basis. In the past, I’ve been as conservative as they come. However, you got to know when to adapt your game plan to an evolving, mixing and faster paced field of play.

    *(This question in conjunction with 5 and 6) I’d venture to say that interracial dating consist of two individuals who didn’t spring from the African diaspora. It’s not unlike the multitude of defensive schemes that have spawned from Tony Dungy’s “Tampa Two” creation. While they might incorporate different terminology and rhetoric, the basic principles are the same. Therefore, a Black American and Dominican wouldn’t be interracial. Similarly, the common oppression at the hands of Europeans seems to nullify the interracial dating tag. For instance, you wouldn’t look at a Black American and a Mexican and say, “Wow…Black American sure does love him/her some interracial dating”. In the back of your mind you know its interracial dating, but it just doesn’t sting as much.

    * Lastly, that unwritten rule is a half truth. It’s more a complex and an unintelligible style that defines the “well-off Black man with the ‘token'”. This includes but is not exclusively confined to the bald head, twists, dreads , locks, capris, $50 J. Crew t-shirts, etc. It’s kinda like the spread offense, you can’t quite describe it, but you know it when you see it.

  6. KIR in NV Says:

    I am totally down with this concept. Men are like ice cream…why limit yourself to one flavor?

    On that note though Lake, don’t overdo it! Switching from store brand, non-fat ice milk frozen yogurt (previous relationships) to super premium ice cream with bonus mix-ins (me and Be) is likely to cause you to go into shock. I know you’re a pimp and everything but I don’t want you blaming me if you suddenly become lactose intolerant. lol

  7. Jaimie Says:

    I’m a black woman who dates white men and I just wanna say that I love that I can date whoever I want and that the world is becoming a better place that men of other races can appreciate the beauty of a black woman. I’m attracted to all races and its a great thing that you don’t have to look like a white woman or be thought of as “exotic” to catch a man outside your race.

  8. BM Says:

    So is this website officially in the the stuff white people like family of parody/satire sites? This site has to be a parody site. It is so brilliant in it’s skewering of the suburban white male desperately wishing to be black.

  9. Lake Arlington Says:

    Jaimie, you can definitely date whoever you want. I mean, I see you out here dating white dudes all day long. I’m just saying, sometimes it looks odd. Like Venus Williams with that dude, come on now. That’s off key like an American Idol first rounder… terrible.

  10. Be On It Says:

    Dang y’all, I know I’m super late on this, but I just switched to a job where the site does not load, and my laptop is suffering from chronic anxiety. Anywho, I’m on the fence about the whole interracial dating. I believe that people should date the people that make them happy, regardless of color. On the other hand, I am very pro-black, so I’m not throwing parties when any Black American chooses to date someone who is not a Black American. And, as someone who has had to deal with asshole Black dudes who are colorstruck and brainwashed, I am really not feelin’ the whole brother with an other, no matter how brown the other may be.

    That being said, I am slowly expanding my horizons. I haven’t quite made it to vanilla, but I did pick some Butter Pecan up from the store. This change coincidentally happen right around the time I started reading this site. Guess your magic is working Lake.

  11. Be On It Says:

    Oh, and I know that 96% of black women are married to black men, but only 40 some odd percent of black women are married. Seventy-one percent of black women live alone or with their children, and black women are less likely to get remarried after a divorce. Clearly, sisters need to start looking more than Black men for marriage partners.

  12. balding white dude Says:

    Brock & Lake,
    You guys are on a role – the blog ROCKS.

    I’m a balding white dude happily married to a not white woman. In the spirit of diplomacy let me just say this: sometimes it’s just easier to handle the BS of… another color.


  13. Ria Rodriguez Says:

    Ok. I am pro interracial dating and I dont mind who dates who. Yeah there may be more sistaz rolling with white men. It isnt just a coincidence. They met, and fell in love. Look at Halle, she used to have black men. But she also fell in love with a white man. Its all about love. Love whoever you want.

  14. White chick Says:

    who cares who is with who…maybe you are just and let live.

    Get over yourself

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