FINALLY: A Reason For Me to Go Back to Church


I was bumping around the internet and I peeped this joint. Finally, this was the sign from above I was looking for. Truly a reason for Lakey to hit church. I mean, it’s an O-Mazing video, something everyone should watch. 😉

Now I’ve heard that the lord works in mysterious ways…that he uses all of us. But I think even God had to to take a knee when that cat got the party jumping. Did yall hear that wild ending? I heard half the congregation immediately converted to Scientology after that cat rocked that American Idol special. HA…

Forgive him err me…

– Lake

2 Responses to “FINALLY: A Reason For Me to Go Back to Church”

  1. Will Says:

    this was my #1 video last year! Funny to see it up on this site. 🙂 gives Randy Watson a run for his $ 😛

    “That boy good!” “Mmm hmm, good n terrible!”

  2. crazy Says:

    Hilarious. Oh-maaaay-zin graaaay

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