Some People Just NEED a Stiff Arse Whipping


Have you ever just seen something that made you cringe.  Like, something that you really have no connection to, but you just see it and wish they’d just round up the people responsible and usher out severe ass whoopins on the spot?  No?  Well, I see shit like that everyday.  Like this dude for instance.  Somebody just needs to kick his ass… just because.

Now see, we can’t let shit like that go on in America.  If we do, the terrorists win.  Ha.  Dude, it’s just a visceral reaction.  Dude just starts talking and then he gives you that little sweet looking eye that fucks with you.  I don’t care who you are, what your background is or what your “orientation” might be, there’s no place for shit like that in civil society.  Clearly this dude got one ass whoopin too few in that upbringing.  And I don’t even think that he’s just theatre dude.  I think he’s just that Rule No. 1 violating, extra cat who doesn’t know better because cats have let him get away with that bullshit in the past. 

And to add insult to my injury, the fool didn’t even recite the poem correctly.  If you’re going to be awful…if you’re going to be extra, at least do that shit right.  It’s like being a stupid ass nerd, if you’re going to take the time to be a nerd, the least you can do for the word is be a smart one.  Nothing is more pitiful than a stupid ass, dumb nerd.  At that point, what are you really offering the world?  Horrible. Awful.

– Lake

4 Responses to “Some People Just NEED a Stiff Arse Whipping”

  1. Rock Says:

    What the f#$%. In can’t believe his boyfriend even took the time to video tape that garbage. Test of a Man- thats like my favorite poem of all of time, and this “rod” took less that :35 seconds to destroy it. Yes, sir -round up the posse we got some arse whooping to do! By the way, is that cat rockin’ fake contacts?

  2. Awful Says:

    I’m not anti gay, but shit like that will make you just shake your head and wonder where daddy was. Definitely a great poem otherwise, but I think I’ll swear off poety for at least 8 months after seeing that sweet version. Man up for sure.

  3. Tekken 3 Says:

    no homo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Rock Says:

    My bad. The poem he killed was Invictus by William Ernest Henley. Which , I believe was not written in the shower with a blanket.

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