Bums R Us: The New York Knicks Are a Joke


So I watched the NBA Draft tonight and I just realized how completely inept and awful those New York Knicks are. 

I mean, jeez, they’ve got to be the stupidest organization in all of sports.  No need to belabor the point.  It’s just that I pretty much can’t stand a useless European player, especially when said Euro is taken ahead of legitimate talent.  Which brings us to the New York Knicks. The franchise aint been right since Vanilla Ice was selling out arenas.  They’ve had a debacle with that wo-MAN Beast v. Zeke sexual harrassment fiasco, they’ve got the highest payroll in the entire NBA and oh yeah, THEY SUCK, so how can they actually make their situation even worse?  Oh, I know, draft a random ass, unknown cat who “isn’t known for his athleticism” but whose father happened to room with head coach Mike D’Ahntoni when he was slumming it in Italy.  Meanwhile, the rest of the league is getting better and just having their way with NY.

WTF?  Let me get this straight.  Your team is horrible and has been horrible for years.  You just fired your coach.  You need to win not now but RIGHT NOW and you’ve got names like Eric Gordon, Brook Lopez, DJ Augustin, Jared Bayless and Anthony Randolph on the board.  Instead of taking one of those guys you take some random nicknamed after a mufuckin rooster?  I mean, who in the hell is this Danilo Gallinari?  

I mean, dude’s highlights weren’t even that hot.  I’d be pissed if this cat was going to play at Duke next year, but the Knicks are betting the farm on the dude?  Fucking awful.  No wonder the fans boo’d.  No wonder the Knicks suck.  I mean, seriously, the last time the Knicks mattered John Starks was getting speaking lessons, Pat Ewing was rocking a sagging high top and Charles Smith was pulling his skirt down. 


Even those cheerleaders are underwhelming.  It’s hard work sucking this much.   He NY Knicks, Shaq and the rest of the league want to you to tell us how their asses taste.  Awful. 

– Lake

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2 Responses to “Bums R Us: The New York Knicks Are a Joke”

  1. Will Says:

    S’gonna be another dark year for the Knucks.

  2. Kam Says:

    Man those cheerleaders are garbage, they all have -negative arse especially the one in the white boots, with the white belt and the blue one piece with her head turned to the right…….Exactly

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