Shaq Shot the Sheriff…and He No Longer is a Deputy…


Whooooo Hoooooo whooooooooo!

Oh, this story keeps getting better.  Like Lake said, Shaq is just about on of the corniest cats out there.  Part of that?  The fact that Shaq has frequently and publicly stated that he hopes to be a cop once he retires for basketball.  He’s gone as far as to actually go through training and get deputized.

First of all, where did they find the 7’1″, 300 plus pound version of a cop uniform?  Second of all, can you imagine this dude running up on you after you committ a crime?

Well, after Shaq called Kobe a “ni**a” and asked he “how his ass tastes”, I guess the fake police department that issued him that bullshit paper badge decided that Shaq’s performace was unbecoming to the department…so they stripped him of his badge.

Hey Shaq, who has the taste of ass in their mouth now?  You’ve lost the fake job you didn’t need.  How ya like that?

Meanwhile, Vanessa Bryant just realized that if Kobe knows how Shaq’s ass tastes, she probably does too…

Now he’s really in trouble.


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One Response to “Shaq Shot the Sheriff…and He No Longer is a Deputy…”

  1. Will Says:

    Deputy Shaq ranked about as high as this guy

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