Man Down Wednesday


Your boy Lake was out in the Streets of Boston Irish jigging and acting a damn fool for the better part of the night.  As a result, I damn near killed myself.  Yall know what’s going on in the world today and if you don’t here’s a rundown:

1.  Big butts

2.  Celts win

3.  R. is still free

4.  Lakers are some beyatches

5.  Lake still has a fur coat

3 Responses to “Man Down Wednesday”

  1. KIR in NV Says:

    Cue Kobe bitching about his coaches and teammates and requesting [demanding] a trade in 3…..2……

  2. Will Says:

    Much luv from an Ohio Playa. Good to see the Celts on top ‘O the world again. and way to keep the world in proper perspective.

  3. Barack D Vote Says:

    Dude – R is still free!!! that’s what’s up!!!
    I can’t believe ur R comment though — it was so random. Didn’t figure u for a nerd.

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