Warm Up the Bus: Celtics Will Win It All Tonight


Sheeit, the most well-rounded man in all of blogging hears that four part harmony of Leonard Bernstein‘s classic “Tonight” from the single greatest musical ever, West Side Story, when I think of this Cs v. Lakes Game 6.

“To-niiiiight, to-niiiight, I’ll be in the streets To-niiiight, To-night the cops will beeee on ours assss. Toooo-nye To-night, yall gonna see tonight, those Lakers, aint ’bout shiiiet, Pau is traaaaash”…

I mean, on the real. Enough with the bullshit, it’s time to put these chumps to sleep.

It’s kind of ridiculous when you hear the commentators talk about whether the Celtics should be worried.  Worried?  About what?  They’re up against a bunch of bums who don’t have the heart to come into Boston and do anything of note.  Paul Pierce is looking like the best player in the world right now.  Pau Gasol continues to support the image of the soft Euro and the only other options the Lakers have are weaker, shorter and even softer versions of Pau.  Lamar Odom aint ready…. I mean, it’s all a joke. 

The only thing more ridiculous than the notion that the Celtics should be the ones who are concerned was that hooded sport coat Lamar Odom was rocking during those post game interviews the other night. 

Where did he cop that number?  Today’s Geechie?  Horrible, awful. 

Celtics in 6!

– Lake

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4 Responses to “Warm Up the Bus: Celtics Will Win It All Tonight”

  1. Will Says:

    Yeh the Cs want it a lot more. I give them props for that.
    K.O.B.E. needs to stop playing his lil mental games and go ‘head and score 40+! Pierce’s D is NOT that crucial.

  2. Thatgirlaquarius Says:

    I hate to tell u guys this…but there is money to be made by having a Game 7…..If there was no chance of there being a Game 7….the Lakers would have folded like a cheap suit on Father’s Day….This series is going to Game 7….Once basketball is over..there will be nothing left to bet on unless u like baseball….ABC is gonna get their moneys worth as will the sportbooks and the NBA….Trust me on this one..;-)

  3. Pe. Riche Says:

    I couldn’t agree more. I knew once they acquired Garnett and Allen that it was a rap. Add to it that Paul/KG/Doc Rivers are still pissed about the trillions of seasons that they haven’t even come close to the play offs, and it was destined success. My only question is; since KG is like at least a foot taller than everyone else on the court, why is he still shootin’ jays? And making them? I say post them Lakers up and send a few elbows to the face.


  4. Royal Says:

    Your boy Royal is a Laker fan to the core.
    They got outplayed by a long stretch….
    The Lakers performed worse then Kimmy K in Superstar.

    Dunno if you caught it but K.G. lost his damn mind in the post game interview on the court.
    can’t blame him though…

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