Hard to Ignore: Adriana Lima


I honestly do my best to not just post pictures of chicks up on the site without nary a context or relevance to other news. But I can’t even lie, I’ve been eying this Adriana Lima babe and this shit is just getting out of control. She must be recognized.

Yikes and while I’m no fan of so called “sexiness” independent of plain old good looks, this babe is pretty damn sexy.

My God. Seriously, the eyes, those lips… I mean, even the bra looks like it’s copping a feel. My goodness. This chick is almost too damn fine.

So so right. I mean, NOTHING is wrong here. All is good with the world as I type up this post. They need to send her over to Palestine. No way she doesn’t achieve peace. Oh they won’t listen, just wait until you peep her Not Safe For Work game.

(Click on these pics for their NSFW counterparts)

Anyway, I could be ultra negative and talk about the shaky breast to breast comps I’ve seen in these pics. I can ask, “will the real Adriana J game come out to play,” but I won’t do that.

Nah, I’m going to ask the question that any fair-minded, red-blooded mug-fucka would ask:

“If a babe is this fine…..this bad and is a VIRGIN, with that body, then why the fizzuck is she engaged to a bullshit cat we’ve never heard of who allegedly plays for the Minnesota Timberwolves?”

Say what? YES!! Somehow, someway, this babe is dating Marko Jaric aka Euro Player Z (meaning of all the bullshit Euro cats in the NBA, he’s about the worst of the bunch who still has a job). I mean, WTF? What, Pau Gasol was taken? She couldn’t dig Sasha Vujacic out of the concrete he’s apparently still in after Ray Allen teleported by him en route to a victor in Game 4? Why, Andrei Kirilienko’s wife wasn’t giving out hall passes for Supermodels this week? I mean, I aint from the West Coast but this cat seems to epitomize a Mark Ass Buster! I mean, these dude looks like the fugly version of my favorite Bachelor of all times (you know the dude who dissed BOTH of the last two babes), Brad Womack.

I mean, look at that cat’s mug. Dude looks more like a boxer than a ball player. Jeez. And need I remind you, his lady posses and looks like this!!!!

This world aint fair.

– Lake

4 Responses to “Hard to Ignore: Adriana Lima”

  1. Be On It Says:

    Aww Lake. Maybe if you were fugly with a million dollar bank account, you would have snagged yourself a Lima. Personally, I’m a little too, uh, close-minded to date someone who I didn’t think was a least minimally attractive (cuz like I said in a comment for a different post, most of the guys I see on the regular don’t qualify without a hefty curve, and I’m more of a personality girl anyway). But back to the topic, I applaud any woman that looks past the outward appearance to the soul. Plus, all the ladies know that an ugly dude is more likely to worship the ground you walk on because he can’t believe you are really with him. Seeing as most models’ careers are over around the age of 21, and there is an Adriana look-a-like already trying to swagger-jack, I smell a no prenup wedding on the horizon.

  2. Will Says:

    Umm… Be, u said a mouthful.
    I just wanna say that Adriana is ridiculous HOT (she’s Brazilian, of course). I give her a 9.

  3. RosyF Says:

    Be – I’m with you on personality and needing to have some looks that I at least am attracted to. Are you sure that a fugly dude who is clearly dating/marrying up will still appreciate you once he’s comfortable? Don’t all worshippers stray? So, fugly could cheat on you because he got some self esteem. Or worse other women want him because you have upgraded him. Now aint that some ish.

    I gotta give it to Ms. Lima cuz whatever version of virgin she is holding onto, she invented the “look in the eye”. Seriously that look says I can round the bases, catch a sack out in left field, and maybe do some thangs out the ballpark.

  4. Manuva Says:

    Adriana Lima is a bonafide hottie. There are girls who would give up their hetero-status to get with Adriana Lima. But then again, we all knew that. What is news to me is that Marco Jaric is engaged to her. WTF is up wit that?

    What, is Victoria’s Secret’s finest model into B-rate basketball players? Now, I’m all for that interracial lovin’, but what’s up with him Does she like to watch her man play 20 mins a game? No love for Brazilian ballers? She could do way better with other Brazilians like Leandro Barbosa or even the single-named Nene. Hell she coulda even got Anderson Varejao. Actually scratch that, he’d probably flop on that too. She coulda even hit up Ginobli up in Argentina. She and Eva Longoria could make the All-Star wives team.

    But for real, Marco Jaric? Props for baggin that.

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