Everybody Loves Raymond: C’s Win Game 4


“Call the coroner… there’s gonna be a lot of slow singing and flower bringing.”

– Biggie Smalls talking about the Lakers in the ’08 NBA Playoffs

Wow, Ray Allen finally remembered that he was Ray Allen and sacked up in a major way to lift the Celtics to a win over the Lakers with some help from Pierce, Posey and House.

Is it just me or is Ray Allen smiling in giddy disbelief after breezing past Euro Number 2? What were the Lakers thinking about using that long haired Euro against Ray Allen? I mean, come on. Ray hit dude with a basic move and then it was like the cat just fell into a black hole or something. I mean, they needed a defensive stop and dude was nowhere to be found!

The least he could have done was manned up with a hard foul, reach in, block, technical, shank or something. Disgusting. And again, I’m rooting for the Celtics because I’m going to enjoy yet another night of championship antics in these Boston streets, but even I want to see the Lakers compete.

Hey miscellaneous EUROS, it’s a man’s game, play it the right way or get the F off the court! And cut that damn wet rag off your dome. You aren’t running around the caves of Slovania or whereever you’re from anymore, ok? Maybe cutting that mop will give you some heart, like a reverse Sampson or something.  24 points up and you still couldn’t close it out?  Hey, don’t worry Lakers fans, at least you won’t have to see this much longer.

Nice team win for the Celtics and yes this series is OVA!

I’m happy for KG, Ray Ray and Paul, too. They deserve these rings. Maybe the Championship experience will encourage Paul Pierce to cut off that god awful facial hair, too. Geez, I mean, what’s that about? Someone cue up that rowdy Boston victory song because the party has already started in Beantown. In fact, I’ll just do it myself.

Oh yes, it’s party time.

– Lake

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7 Responses to “Everybody Loves Raymond: C’s Win Game 4”

  1. Larvis Gel Says:

    I saw that same play and was astonished myself at the terrible defense until I realized they were essentially daring Ray to shoot because he has been garbage most of the playoffs. The center was supposed to step up in that situation and force a pass because the shot clock was at like 3 or 4 seconds. Therefore, it was Gasol’s fault for not realizing how to play effective team defense. If he switched to Ray, as he should have, KG would have received the ball with about 1-2 seconds and would have had to rush a shot. Obviously, this would not have precluded him from missing it because he is a true beast that all of the bitches on LA’s squad could learn a great deal from. On a side note, Paul Pierce owns Kobe. Good to see, because I’m from Chi and am tired of all the comparisons to Mike.

  2. Shane Bertou Says:

    Props to Paul Pierce for completely shutting Kobe Bryant down. Dan Wetzel wrote a great piece about how Pierce told Doc Rivers that he wanted to be assigned to Kobe at halftime, and how that sparked the team’s comeback. Word.

  3. Go C's Says:

    Great win last night and yes, the series is OVER.. I must admit, I’m glad we don’t have any long haired European players on our team. Not that I have a problem with them, but it’s sweeter when it’s American guys. Celts in 6!

  4. Brick Says:

    Bout time Ray Allen actually did something out there. He was stealing money early on in the playoffs.

  5. Danny Boy Says:

    I hate Boston, but this series is over. Time for Kobe to concentrate on Team USA this summer. While you’re bullshitting, we need Paul Pierce for that team.

  6. Will Says:


  7. Be On It Says:

    Just to hate…how many weeks are there until football season starts?

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