Beauty and a Beast


All this synthetic talk requires me to bring it back to some wholesome goodness that only the lawd could have made and I’m not talking about “the Hugh Heffner on High” either. lol Meagan Good is a Top 5 UvT talent.

And while I’m not a big fan of this dress, even Lake can cut a lady some slack on a Friday.

Yes indeed… Not too much, but definitely enough. I guess “now stop, oh, and wiggle wit it (yeah)” wouldn’t be appropriate. Is that cat “throwing the yo” behind her? Probably….

Now compare that to the Gel Ass we’ve been discussing of late. I don’t mind admitting that it’s been on my mind for a minute. I’m thinking 1. How can I tell if we have a case of “Gel Assness” and 2. Would I give a damn if I suspected or even knew a babe was rolling with a “Gel Bottom”?

Well, we’ve got part one figured out….

It’s too punchy, right? Plus that bedazzling on the thigh told me everything I needed to know. Lock it in, we’ve got a rubber butt. And this time, oddly enough, I don’t like it. UvT is still officially neutral on the fake ass though. I don’t know, we’ll see.

– Lake

3 Responses to “Beauty and a Beast”

  1. Danny Boy Says:

    I love Meg Good and that chick in the pink can get it. Her friend too..

  2. Will Says:

    lmao @ ol girl in the pink. Her shit is REEEEAL suspect! Rail-thin legs but rocking a fat ass?? Maaaaaan c’mon already! Enuff with the whackness. “The whackness is spreading like the plague”-Guru
    I think UvT done sparked a movement against Gel-asses.

    Props to Ms Goode for working what God gave her.

  3. Rob Says:

    Cornbread and collard greens – don’t ever underestimate it. My money is on tha real.

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