New Apple iPhone: Your Status Is Gonna Cost You an Extra $300 real soon


Apple revealed the new 3G Apple iPhone today.

It is faster, cheaper, actually works with your email at work, and lets you download applications like every other smartphone you can buy…in other words it is the phone that should have come out last year.

The best part?  All those unlock sliding, taking your phone out and putting it on the table, try to pull up video clips, “sent from an iphone” assholes just went from having the hottest phone on the market to completely obsolete in just one day.  Their also trapped into those two year AT&T contracts for another 365 days.  Sure, you can drop your old iPhone and re-up for an extra $199 for the 8 gig and $299 for the 16 gig, but if not, you will be paying iphone child support for another year.

What happens to the old phone once it is pulled off the contract?  It sure would be nice to have a spare iPod laying around the house wouldn’t it.  Well, if deactivation is anything like activation, you can’t use the phone unless it is connected to the network.  I was pissed then because you couldn’t even play with your brand new gadget until you go through the activation process.  Apple should at least make sure the old school iPhones don’t brick when you upgrade.

One thing is for sure though.  They will be lining up for them.


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5 Responses to “New Apple iPhone: Your Status Is Gonna Cost You an Extra $300 real soon”

  1. Sarah H. Says:

    “Sent from an iPhone” is definitely an asshole move. It’s right up there with “sent from my blackberry”… The best thing about that is that you know they can deactivate that message. And why would you want your boss to know your punk ass left the office early and thus are sending your shit “from a blackberry”…. It should read, “slacking off like a muthafucker, getting my drink on and looking at porn as I send this bullshit from my crackberry”….

    Celtics in 6

  2. Michael James Says:

    This phone is great!

    – Sent from an IPhone

  3. Brock Hardon Says:

    How you commenting on the site, when we should be on the new site. Hook us up man!

  4. Will Says:

    9:56pm CMT – the Celtics are up by 4 -SHIT!!!

  5. Will Says:

    err… 9:56 CST.

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