McCain W. Bush


This dude is too old to understand how much of a fraud he actually is.

What a joke. I mean, there is no way this clown wins on the issues. Of course, with the Republican attack machine, he won’t have to. With that said, even a GOP type can understand how ridiculous McCain is. I mean, Bush puts out that he fathered a “black child” to undermine him in 2000 and then all of a sudden in 2004 McCain is all up on Dubyah’s nizzuts for re-election.

I mean, look at that dude’s expression. Look at the soothing comforted look he’s got across his face. Straight talk, huh? I don’t think so. Forget change, can we just elect a cat who will be breathing in 2012?

– Lake

6 Responses to “McCain W. Bush”

  1. Will Says:

    that sum reeeeeal gay shit going on in that pic. I got dudes I luv like brothern, but Gyot DAmn! McShame is all on his nuts! Is he about to tilt his head up a kiss him????

  2. h8torade Says:

    That pic above doesn’t capture what truly happened shortly after the embrace….

  3. Lake Arlington Says:

    Ha, H8torade, there is a niche for all postings. Believe me I saw that one already, just couldn’t bring myself to post it up. haaa Even Lake has his limits. You consistently keep it real though. That crazy “burger” banner you rocked at the top of your site was the best example.

  4. h8torade Says:

    Had to throw the “burger” banner up after the lawyers for a sports drink that sounds very similar in name to my blog sent me some legal nonsense about how I was allegedly infringing on their copyright…..


    Burger pic below….might not be SFW….

  5. Will Says:

    @h8torade: that burger pic is one of the greatest images I’ve ever seen on the internets! 😀

  6. Will Says:

    h8torade, again: I’m about to spread that McCain gif virus!!! lmao

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