I Hate To Do It, But It’s Prom Season In The Hood


I’ve already been told by my people in the office that this will not be a topic that I should elaborate on too much. So I’ll just go with the “a picture is worth a thousand words” flow. But sadly, it’s Prom season in the hood yall, here we go:

Now see this I don’t get. I mean, how does a man get coaxed into rocking a Winnie the Pooh get up? And no I don’t care that your nickname has been “Pooh” since you grand mommie, who is now 43 by the way, named you that because you looked just like a pooh bear when you were born, ok? I don’t care. It’s fucking awful and so is that fake Miami Vice beach background you’re standing in front of…alright? Now, I will admit that my man’s swagger game is completely intact and at least his date is fully covered (for now), but whoever told you that shit was cool lied to you. Damn.

*Blink Blink* Help.

While I do appreciate the double up on the women Lakey style, I just can’t quite comprehend how this cat is rocking a Confederate Rebel inspired tux….I mean, baby girl’s expression on the right just about says it all. And by the way, I don’t like the look in my man’s eye. I’m really not comfortable with it. If I had to guess, I’d say he’s dreaming of a prom like this:

But who knows… Goodness.

She got me speedin in the fast lane,
Pedal to the flo’ mayne, tryna get back to her love…
Best believe she got that good thang,
She my lil hood thang, ask around they know us…
They know that’s minnee (BUSS IT) Baybaaay…
Erybody know that’s mine (BUSS IT) Baybaay…
Erybody know that’s minnee…

Ole girl on the right needs a bit of an adjustment….a lift if you will. I mean, if you had to guess how much dough these babes paid for these dresses what would you say? $180 total? And those shoes? I mean, why pay more when you can pay less? AHNT… Why am I even posting on this? This is awful and now I feel dirty. Oh, I know why, because there really aint shit going on in the news and Brock’s a mufucka! Next.

Is it just me or are all these dudes extra soft? Maybe this is just how dudes are built these days. Meaning, if you aren’t a complete thug, you’re just a yatch. I mean, what would possess a man to think he can rock a sheer hooded curtain with some strips of yella, pank and green? Fucking awful.

Ahh, finally a man who has some decent gear on. I can live with this. But wait, who is that he’s with? His MOMS!!!!? Dammit, why do cats take their mother to the prom? I never got that. I know your mom is your “best friend” but trust me, nobody wants her old ass at the prom getting hype when the Cha Cha Slide comes on. Horrible, awful. And no Bill Cosby didn’t get it.

None of it.

– Lake

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6 Responses to “I Hate To Do It, But It’s Prom Season In The Hood”

  1. Sarah H. Says:

    Yikes!!! Cosby was right!

  2. RosyF Says:

    I actually have a different take on this. I don’t see what is so wrong with some of these outfits. Seriously. I don’t think people in general should be so wedded to matching. I see the Winnie the Pooh on your outfit as childish and unimaginative.

    These outfits are creative and colorful. How is this any different than some of the things we see on the runway… or some of the outfits Carrie Bradshaw/SJP wore? One difference is the fabric and probably tailoring but some of this stuff is artistic and unique and that is what fashion is about. It ‘s not for me, but it’s not meant to be for everyone.

  3. Lake Arlington Says:

    “Artistic and Unique”….Dude is dressed like a gay and hooded out General Robert E. Lee!!! LOL.. Terrible, is an understatement. Let me get this straight, the name “Ebony” is wild, but these outfits aren’t? Come on… And for the record, Carrie Bradshaw is no legitimizer of women’s apparel either. The runway? It’s a prom.

    Shoot, I aint seen stuff this inappropriate since the Carrib Carnival in DC…Same outfits, older women. On second thought, thank God for youth.

    No, this stuff is awful, all of it. Thanks.

  4. Next Thing » Blog Archive » New Hood Prom Pix Says:

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  5. Will Says:

    Is this on hotghettomess yet? I’m sure it is by now. If not, it needs to be, stat!

  6. C lindsey Says:

    This is what happens when the Black community breaks down! When did it become hip to be ghetto? Crack and teenage pregancy has led our children to believe it’s okay to look like clowns and fools in public…and whoever made some of this mess needs their behind beat! Parents should be ashamed to let their children come out the house looking like this!

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