Kim Kardashian’s Ass(terisk?)


Now I’ve been firmly (heh) in the Kim Kardashian’s ass is real camp. Particularly since I saw…ummmm heard…about the way it tucked itself in from the top in that awful sex tape with Ray J. But now I’m shook.

Is that real? Is it fake? I’m about to call in the greatest assologists from all over the world and call an emergency session to make a final ruling based on new evidence. I can’t slap the asterisk on it myself, Lake, can you call it?


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16 Responses to “Kim Kardashian’s Ass(terisk?)”

  1. Be On It Says:

    Told you it was fake. And you thought I was hating.

  2. Lake Arlington Says:

    I say REAL. It’s a new day, new era. You just have white babes here and there with the bangers. I’ve seen them myself. It’s the anomaly like Neo in middle earth, but it’s true. We went to the moon and Kimmy K has ass. BOOK IT!

  3. zsa zsa cookie Says:

    Kim’s arse is beautiful however it is not real.

    she has gotton what is known as butt injections

    it is very widely done in atlanta georgia

    all of the strippers get it done in atlanta and new york

    and all of their butts look like same

    i’ve had it done also

    it probably took about 5 separate visits for he tail to plump up like that.

    it also took me 5 visits.

  4. Lake Arlington Says:

    Injected with what? And how do I put it on the market for mass distribution? This could really change the game…. Pump up the ass. Please supply more info… You’ve had it done? You sure you didn’t inject your mouth with cheeseburgers? I heard that works too.

  5. zsa zsa cookie Says:

    i forgot to add the style of booty she has is called athletic bootie.

    i have the same.

    i also have seen her before pics on the internet and that rump was not even close to looking like it does now.

    It doesnt take away
    from her beauty but stopp trippen cause the ass was bought along with the boobs.

  6. zsa zsa cookie Says:

    Google hydrogel butt injections

    Get your head out of the sand

    if you see a big booty lady starlett or video chick these days this hydrogel butt injections
    is the reason why

    buffie the body

    angel lola luv

    hundreds of thousands of adult entertainers


    video vixens


    wanna bees

    fo days!

  7. Lake Arlington Says:

    And what about the babe I was hittin in college, did she have it too? Serena Williams too? Get my head out of the sand? Are you serious? What profession are you in that necessitates that fake back shot?

  8. zsa zsa cookie Says:

    hey i’m only tellin it like it is

    my profession has nothing to do with wanting to keep myself up

    as you get older you begin to lose some of your gifts

    i found out a way to make them stay as long as I’m on the planet.

    as for the younger women this is done strictly for competition in this sex crazed world we live in.

    by the way jennifer lopez ass for example is real. yes some folks have it like that but most purchase it these days

    ain’t nothing but a word and a round trip plane ticket

    and may i add that the injections are permanent.
    and you can buy as much as you want.

  9. Lake Arlington Says:

    Hey, this has been pretty enlightening. where do you go? LA?

  10. zsa zsa cookie Says:

    why do you ask? are you looking to have someone get work done?

  11. Brock Hardon Says:

    Zsa Zsa…we have a policy here at UvT. We need a pic or it didn’t happen. As a certified assologist I need evidence of the booty injection so I can recognize the signs of augmentation. Just curious. You elected for the “athletic booty”, what exactly are the other options? Low Slinger? Flapjack? High and Tight? Gnat? Rumpshaker? Pumps and a Bump? Which model does Angel Lola Love have? The all you can eat?

  12. Will Says:

    My take? her shit is REAL, but she no doubt got the Hollywood Special, nips, tucks, tighten-ups, all that. Aren’t Armenian women kinda naturally full-bodied? Who knows. BOTTOM LINE: her ass looks great. Her sex tape sucked.

  13. Will Says:

    Will’s update: ok, os I hit up kim’s own website and I must say girl looks rather tasty. She has enough great pics of her in bikinis, sarongs, skirts, etc… and she is fiiine! Standing next to Reggie Bush (who aint tall) she looks like a …..F-doll. her sex tape still sux tho.

    10:27pm CST Lakers pleeeeease pull this off!!!!

  14. zsa zsa cookie Says:

    Sorry Will, dat aint it at tall.

    Yes she is absolutley stunning but the link below makes it clear.

    If that were her real arse, it would be seen clear across the picture when she was younger. And if you look even crossed eyed you can see that it aint there.

    That kind of arse Kim is sporten would have been visible right after puberty

  15. Will Says:

    Hey Zsa Zsa i went to that same link, and u know what? – i didn’t see any evidence AGAINST her having a ridunkulous phatty. In fact, even in her ‘baby-fat’ teens, she appeared to be on the verge of filling out quite nicely. Im not trying to sweat her at all, but is she got ass she got ASS. Im just sayin’ …show me some surgery scars or something…

  16. Will Says:

    then again…–RNw

    i guess anything is possible 😛

    -Will, spending more time than necessary on one topic.

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