What Happened to Wilmer Valderrama?


You know this guy, right? He was on that 70’s show, had some other BS shows on MTV, and I’m sure he did a bunch of other crap I didn’t see. Here’s my question. How did he turn this:

Tight pants, a lisp with an accent, and shiny shirts…into this:

Seriously. It worked too. Have you seen this guy’s resume?

Mandy Moore

Lindsay Lohan

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Ashlee Simpson

Sure, the majority of these chicks haven’t gotten the UvT stamp of approval, but impressive nonetheless.

Seriously? This guy played a complete lisping, can’t get a girl loser on the show. But he was able to flip that in real life. Well, that was a few years ago because this guy is no where to be found now. But if he could turn a bad casting into some real pimpin’, here’s my question…why couldn’t Steve Urkel ever do that?

This dude never stopped being Steve Urkel and he was not bagging a-list babes after he convinced them that Urkel was just a character.

Sorry buddy, 15 years later and you still just look like Urkel in a suit. I actually got this pic straight from the Jaleel White website, and this fool has the nerve to call the pic “JWhite_Pimp”? I thought that was Stephan Urkail. Maybe there is a secret list of chicks that got banged out in the mid 90’s by Steve Urkel on the condition that the secret was never released. Now if Screech has a sex tape, Urkel’s got to have one too right?

Nah…I bet that guy still can’t get laid.


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3 Responses to “What Happened to Wilmer Valderrama?”

  1. raafman Says:

    I’m just as flabbergasted that Dub-V (can I call him that?) can flip that lisp to some old gangster ish. I mean, is that Dub-V slangin’ the d and packing chrome? Oh yeah! Terrible.

  2. Be On It Says:

    In response to this post, I conducted an unscientific survey of my girls, some girls they knew, and a rather uninhibited (female) hourly worker I say hi to in the halls at work (Yes, it’s a slow day at the job). The question – “Have you ever in your long legged life been caught up by a corny guy you never thought you’d have gone out with?” The answer – a resounding hell yeah. And a lot of these dudes were putting, USDA Grade A certified dangalang smackdowns. Sometimes wack guys are Mr. Goodstuffs. Who knew?

  3. Manuva Says:

    But what about ‘Yo Momma’, which was the worst attempt at corporate white America shelling out urban culture ever? Not to mention that Wilmer was a terrible host for a smack-talking show.

    Regardless of the booty list he’s had, his career since ‘That 70’s Show’ have been very weak sauce. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0005519/ The dude has more cameo appearances than he’s had roles.

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