The Most Boring 45 Minutes of My Life…


So I’m trapped in a hotel last night with not a damn thing on TV. After flipping through the 20 channels they actually hit you with in a hotel and watching the Sportcenter and ESPN news cycle at least twice I see game 5 of the Stanley Cup championship. The Red Wings have a change to close the Penguins out on their home ice and have a lead going into the last few minutes of the game. I figure, I’ll just wait to see a little piece of history happen.

Then the Wings give up the lead with 30 seconds left…that sends it into overtime, sudden death, the Penguins are fighting for their life, so this is about to get better, right? Not so damn fast.

I was only able to struggle through the first two overtime sessions before I couldn’t take it anymore. Seriously, what is the appeal here? All I saw was skate, skate, skate, scuffle-scuffle-scuffle, skate, skate, skate, knock the puck all the way to the other end, icing, face off, repeat. That shit was terrible. If this is the only sport where you can legally get into a fight, maybe you could mix one of those in? I’m just saying, it might have kept me engaged.

I love sports, but I can’t get down with this. If you turn on a basketball game that goes into triple overtime you are sure to see last minute threes, big plays, killer defense and people playing for their lives. In football the structure would be a little different, but both teams are one play away from winning or losing. This thing went through two full twenty minute periods with full breaks in between. It was like catching halftime every twenty minutes. What the puck is that?

I don’t even think the commentators were interested by the end, they were talking about how the players hadn’t eaten anything since about 5pm. Is it really that bad? Who cares?

I’m never getting that piece of my life back AND no one got the Stanley Cup last night. Dammit.  The wings need to close this out in Pittsburgh tonight.  If game 5 was any indication, game 7 will be a full on debacle.  Besides, Basketball will be back by then so I really won’t care.


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One Response to “The Most Boring 45 Minutes of My Life…”

  1. Be On It Says:

    Detroit finally closed the deal, but that still doesn’t bring you that lost time back. I’m originally from there, but should I feel some kind of…anything? I dunno, seems kinda irrelevant in the larger scheme of things. Bring on some football.

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