Surprise!! Republicans Don’t Actually Respect Hicks From West Virginia


Well, well, well… would you looky here. It never ceases to amaze me how these self described red necks, blue collar guys and good ole boys consistently go against their interests by voting Republican, meanwhile, this is what they really think about you:

He said it best, “I’m not running for shit, let John McCain lie and pander to these idiots and all their inbred brethren.”

I know country boys, Bush (and the rest of the GOP guys) is the kind of guy you knew growing up. The kinda man you’d wanna drank a beer wit. Aint he? Yeah, because he’s just like you. Right? Let’s take a look:

Similarity: He had horrible grades growing up, you had horrible grades growing up.

Difference: He went to Yale, you went to the Dollar store.

Similarity: He allegedly used drugs as a youth, you definitely used drugs as a youth.

Difference: He graduated and went to Harvard Business School, you graduated to Meth.

Similarity: He loved baseball, you loved baseball.

Difference: His pops bought him a Major League Baseball Team, you a got “One Free With Admission” hot dog at one of your kids’ Little League game.

I mean, these guys are NOTHING LIKE YOU, but yet you continue to support them. It’s hilarious actually. Meanwhile, your jobs pay less, you have no health care, your dollar can’t buy shiznit, and gas is through the roof. But that’s ok, because if you allow someone like Barack Obama to win, then the terrorists win, immigrants will overtake your way of life and “the blacks” will get what they want, right?

Oh yeah, God bless Amurica..

– Lake


2 Responses to “Surprise!! Republicans Don’t Actually Respect Hicks From West Virginia”

  1. Will Says:

    !Daaaamn Lake! Don’t do em like u do, mang!! But u nailed this one. Bush could give spins of a yacht off the coast of Kennebunkport about a backwoods redneck! (sorry bout that lol)
    but these dumasses…they just don’t(can’t) see that. shit cracks me up.

  2. Chavez Says:

    An appropriate article…

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