King Latifah In There Like Swimwear?


Hey, I’m not trying to hate on full figured women globally, but there’s something about the King that I don’t really like, so I’ll go ahead and just put her on blast anyway.

Say what? Awww naw. And what’s she going to do with that plastic chair?

Someone tell her that’s not a boogie board or an aircraft carrier for that matter. Damn, that plastic dingy never had a chance.

And while I’m on record as anti-weave, pictures like these let me know that a good weave has it’s place.

Dude, the Kang aint all that old and already she’s giving Aretha a run for her money.

Only difference, Aretha has real talent. The Kang just rolls around, acts like she’s not gay (mama pleez), talks all that “ladies first…I’m positive” and then gets busted with tweed, guns and all types of wild shit. I guess what I’m saying is, she’s a phony to me and that’s why her big ass shouldn’t be out in no damn swimsuit, one piece or otherwise.

-Hatin Lake

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6 Responses to “King Latifah In There Like Swimwear?”

  1. Jay Says:

    Again, I need to respectfully disagree about the Queen. I don’t know much about her arrest record, but a) she’s my homegirl (Newark, NJ) b) whenever i’ve heard her interviewed she comes across as intelligent and likeable and c) she IS talented – she’s got a nice voice, a good screen presence, and she is unafraid to try things musically that are not mainstream. If she’s gay, that’s cool – you can’t hate her for that – and that picture of her carrying that blue pool toy – she got a sweet smile like a little girl. There is plenty worse people to be hating on than Queen La.

  2. Be On It Says:

    Oh Lake, you had me til you busted up on her hair. I don’t see what is wrong with her ponytail. She has natural hair, so it’s going to wave up and not be all silky smooth. Ocean breezes and salt water are a recipe for some unpredictable hair behavior, so a neat ponytail or bun is a natural gal’s best friend. But since you have previously given less than rave reviews for natural, more ethnic looking hair, I am really not surprised. Shame on you, you should know better.

    And don’t come back with that whole “I only use juices and berries on mine… and I try not to have too many hangups.” Cuz you went right on to say “if you’re gonna keep it bohemian, I’m with that. But just make that shit salon boho, not searching for a cigarette butt, spark the ism boho. That earthy shit aint gonna work ’round here.”

    Salon boho is really hard to keep at the beach AND get in the water. Personally, if a woman is at the beach spending more time concerned about her hair than having a good time, she’s not someone I think any of Us want to hang with.

  3. Will Says:

    @ Be: Niiiiiice. I was gonna leave a comment but fuck it.

  4. Cuban B Says:

    He admitted he was hating. Viva La Lake!

  5. Lake Arlington Says:

    Be On It:

    Upon further review, you’re right, the hair isn’t that bad. I was focused on picture one when I wrote that comment. I think we can all agree that the wig looks less than impressive in that shot. And Lake is NOT against natural hair for the ladies. Not at all. My only bias is that I do enjoy long hair generally. Now, if you can’t rock the long, a old school Halle Berry cut is just about right for me. Good eye on the juices and berries… definitely a Lake-ism and yes, some Bohoes are hot.

  6. Be On It Says:

    Thanks Lakey-poo (I heard you cringe and dock my “Us” points all the way here in Florida 🙂 ). I can now put the militant sista hat away in the closet for future emergencies.

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