Hot Like Fire: Lil Wayne – The Carter 3 Review


If you’re at all interested in hip hop or rap, then you’re well aware of the fact that Young Weezy Baby aka Weezy F. Baby aka Lil Weezy aka Lil Wayne has this Carter III album coming out on June 10.

“But Lake, if the Carter III comes out on June 10th and it’s June 3rd, how did you get your hands on the album”…. Don’t worry about that. When you’re a media insider like me, they give you a little extra love. Anyway, even though I got a “free” copy, I’ll still be faithfully purchasing Weezy’s cd next Tuesday for sure. I mean, this cat put out like 100 or so songs in 2007/2008 and not just some ole bullsh*t either. While we’re at it, go ahead and peep that Lollipop with Kanye Live at Summer Jam.

Boy that Kanye really believes in his music, maybe a little too much. Anyway, Wayne has been lit-trally spitting hot fire for the better part of 12 months. And while I’ve purchased no more than 5 CDs in the past 4 years, this is one I’ll be getting on general principle. I mean, you gotta show love to true artists who show love to you, so I’m kicking off my “Go buy Wayne’s Album” campaign. Dude deserves it.

I went ahead and put that joint in the lab today and let me tell you, it’s FIRE! I mean, Wayne is killing it lyrically from start to finish, but finally he’s stepped his production game up, too. Peep the track list here, but let me just give you a little sample of what you can expect from Weezy:

That beat cranks in the ride, too. Overall, you just got to get this album, if not because dude deserves your dough, because it’s probably going to end up one of the best two or three albums this year. I must admit though, I never like when the remix or in this case remixes are significantly better than the original. Like, if you know the joint will be hot with another cat spitting over your hot beat, LOLLIPOP, then why didn’t you put the cat on to begin with? Oh well, I guess you can’t have everything.

– Lake

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2 Responses to “Hot Like Fire: Lil Wayne – The Carter 3 Review”

  1. Will Says:

    ON the real, Im a recent Wheezy fan. Who woulda thought 10 years back that Lil Wayne would emerge as the hottest cat from Cash Money click, let alone this current rap generation?! This will be only the 3rd CD I buy this year (Ghostface, Jay-Z)

    that CD cover is wild tho!

  2. Polo Says:

    Yo this album is wack.. “I’m an alien, like Gonzales”?? “Like a bitch with no ass, you ain’t got shit”??, “I’m rare, like Mr. Clean with hair”??.. there are dozens of lines that a “lyricist” or “best rapper alive” has no business saying.. Only songs that are okay are “Mr. Carter”, “Dr. Carter” and “A Milli”, the rest will be forgotten in a month..

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