Formerly Preggers Angelina Joile Back On The Wagon


We don’t talk too much about Angelina Joile because she’s obviously over the top beautiful, so there isn’t really much more to say than that. Still, I just heard she had her twins today, so I figured I’d quickly celebrate her immediate return to hotness where she belongs.

She really is crazy. And while I know some of you dirty dogs are ok with this version of Joliezy:

I can’t go that way. I mean, there’s Milf, which I’m also not too big on, and there’s baby factory. Only Joile can make the latter sexy. Welcome back baby girl.

– Lake


One Response to “Formerly Preggers Angelina Joile Back On The Wagon”

  1. Will Says:

    Maaaan listen, I’ll take Milf, and I’ll definitely take Angelina Jolie however she comes, post-partum(?)…post-baby whatever. I mean, AJ is beyond description. She was hott when she was young, she been hott ever since…and she ‘gon continue to be on that Sophia Laren-hotness when she older! Mmm Mmm MM! This post made my day 😀

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