Lakers Going to the NBA Finals


Daaaaamn. I honestly didn’t think they would last this long. The Spurs just got dethroned and the Lakers has survived the roughest Western Conference in recent memory to make it to the NBA Finals. Kobe has got to feel good turning this:

Into this:

And you know he wants nothing more than to do it without this.

You know Kobe can’t wait to prove he can win without Shaq. Although I don’t want to see it and Detroit will still win their series, I think if it is Lakers versus Boston in the NBA finals the universe might just explode as the time space continuum is ripped to shreds. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll watch it, as long as they don’t break out the short shorts again.



3 Responses to “Lakers Going to the NBA Finals”

  1. Be On It Says:

    Lakers vs. Celtics equals old skool bball fans and geriatric old man masterbatory tv viewing. Perfect time for women in relationships to ask their men to commit to ridiculous things during particularly tense moments during the series, like opera tickets, visits to the in-laws, waxing his man fur, anything else he wouldn’t normally agree to. His automatic response will be in the affirmative, because he just wants you to shut up and stop asking him questions.

    If it’s Detroit and LA, ply him with copius drink. And keep a voice recorder handy.

  2. Will Says:

    BROCK – we gotta take it back to ’87 baby!!! Celtics/Lakers…I cant wait
    😀 -over-excited Will

  3. Royal Says:

    @ Be On It.
    That’s real talk.

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