Golfers are losers


Golfers are always trying to gain respect as legitimate athletes, but I’m just not buying it.  Sure Tiger looks pretty diesel, but for every Tiger, there’s a John Daly.  You’ve got to respect a golfers agility, dexterity and focus though.  The precision of golf is impressive.  Orrrrrrrrr it was.  Here are some pics of the Irish Open Champ this year, Richard Finch.  This cat was working his way up the 18th and final hole of the tournament when he took his swing and this happened.

Lean with it.

Save it, save it.

Haaaaaaaa, he ended up chest deep in the River Maigue?  Come on man, you can’t mistakenly fall into a river.  That’s terrible.  At least he was on the 18th hole and didn’t have to play out several holes with the damp draws.

So as I said, golfers need to avoid letting things like this happen if they are going to get any semblance of respect.


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One Response to “Golfers are losers”

  1. Will Says:

    Golf. Please. Tiger? YES.

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