Baby Versus Cobra


Now when I posted my animal battle royale a few weeks ago I have to admit this is a match up I never thought I’d see. You know I expect to see an elite eight match up of tiger versus rhino, maybe grizzly versus hippo in the final four. The unwritten rule is that a human would probably win any of these fights because we are smart enough to show up strapped. Except for the people foolish enough to this the local brown bear is friendly. But you even the playing field when you use a baby. I present Baby Versus Cobra.

That is crazy. The baby went in there half naked too. I like how the baby keeps raising up on the snake, keeps it moving forward. Where the hell did this video come from? I like the way the snake looks at the camera at 52 seconds like “What the Fuck Is Going on here? Child Services would have been called in long about .00034 seconds here in America. Is this the country of India trying to prove they’ve got the baddest babies on earth?   Well it might be, because here is white baby versus fake cobra.

What kind of shit is that? The Indian baby was in there for a full minute. This kid didn’t make it 30 seconds before he was ready to make a run for it.

Where is cobra versus black baby you say?

Black People don’t play that shit.


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3 Responses to “Baby Versus Cobra”

  1. Will Says:

    Yo – I saw that indian baby/cobra joint awhile back! Frucked me all up!! That baby held his own tho – i like that! lol (apparently the snake is de-fanged tho) That is how they get down over there for snake-charmer training.

  2. Be On It Says:

    I am so glad Will gave the information that the snake was defanged, because I was ready to track down these people and get thrown up under the jail. Or just pray that a huge tree would topple their dwelling and they would be destitute.

    Brock, you are most certainly right that black people don’t play that sh!t. The only snakes I want to see are the handbag and stiletto variety.

  3. JMACK Says:

    the cobra had its fangs removed. most cobras in india used for “snake charming” entertainment have had their fangs and poison glands removed.

    the snake strikes 3 times and draws back as if it has injected venom. it basically is gumming the baby. looks crazy though

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