Usher and Big Mama Splitsville?


I guess when homey said he wanted to make love in that club, he wasn’t bullshittin. Reports claim that Usher Raymond and his crazy/terrible wife, Tamkea “soon not to be” Raymond, have filed for separation.

No kidding. I see young Ursh finally figured out what we’ve all been seeing ever since he sported the babe in public: 1. YOU’RE USHER!!!!!!!!!!! and 2. She’s AWFUL!!!!

With attitude to boot? Hells no! Look chick, it’s time for Usher to go out on tour, so you know what that means…dats rye, you best start reading the fine print on that prenup!!! Homey got married in his lawyer’s office, so you know he’s got that taken care of.  Jeez. More later…

– Lake


12 Responses to “Usher and Big Mama Splitsville?”

  1. Michael James Says:


  2. RosyF Says:

    Lake, you have been saying since day one this debacle err..marriage needed to be over. Maybe she put a spell on him ; )…in if’s that’s case I want some of that magic dust cuz that can make a man ignore 3 “chilruns”, cougar age minus hype body, attitude, and what’s surely a waeve.

    Tameka does have a great beotch please look on that second pic. And I hope she never reads this blog cuz she looks like she might cut Lake and me.

  3. Will Says:

    @Lake: u was allll over this one – good call mang!

  4. KIR in NV Says:

    @ RosyF: Not to worry. I got your back. Tameka ain’t gonna do nothing.

  5. Will Says:

    New WAG alert:,83661

    Chris Cooley and his ex-cheer-turned-wifey. I wonder does she make the Us team?

  6. RosyF Says:

    Thanks, Kir. You live in Sin City so you really could run into her. Who here doesn’t think Tameka will get all crazy.

  7. KIR in NV Says:

    This just in: DMX and his man, errr, I mean chick, errrr, I mean, Tashera, are ova. I guess getting arrested twice in one week was too much for even a substandard wife piece. X, you done hit (crack) rock bottom homie.

  8. Be On It Says:

    @ KIR: Girl, count me in on that protecting Rosy from Maneka. I don’t fight, I don’t argue, I just hit that b!tch with a bottle… Anywho, substandard wife pieces don’t leave after arrests, they leave after arrests AND no stacks. Ugly don’t mean stupid.

  9. KIR in NV Says:

    @ Be: you owe me a new keyboard and monitor.

    You right though. Long rap sheet + short bank statement = GTFO.

  10. Good man Says:

    Can’t find a good ride or die chick anywhere these days. It’s all the fault of the shiny suit man, Diddy. First it was all about the benjamins and now it’s literally all about the benjamins. I hate this world.

  11. Be On It Says:

    Good Man,

    Ride or die chicks are easy to find. I happen to think that I am one of them. But men have to understand what makes their particular woman ride or die. For me, be emotionally supportive, keep it at home, and stay gainfully employed. Economic downturns I can understand. Refusing to get a temp job after six months of sittin on you @ss and playing PS3 all day running up the light bill you can’t pay? Not cool. The same drive and creativity you employ to get some new nookie can be used to keep ya current girl from looking at a dude with more bling.

  12. Lake Arlington Says:

    Excuse me Be, but isn’t the very definition of Ride or Die a babe who is down for her man without conditions? You can’t start talking about what you need from a dude to be ride or die… It’s ride OR die, so it don’t matter what happens.

    By the way, I love the phrase “light bill”…..classic.

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