Perfectly Executed: “We Are The World”


This is flat out hilarious.

What’s crazy is that these cats sound eerily similar to my rendition of the song back in the day, only their costumes stick the landing. I just wish they could have done the part with a nearly inaudible, and thus completely accurate, portrayal of a what must have been a completely weeded and prescription drugged out, not to mention drunk, Bob Dylan. That cat was the original Pootie Tang of folk music:

“Dere’s a choy weeee may-kin-in, wez saaaay-bin R own lie-ve it true we make a betta day jus you in meee”.

And I’m not being racist, that was literally my version of Bob singing his verse and if you don’t think so, just take a damn listen to that original.

Yo, peep that cat at the 3:40 mark. That dude was on Planet Crypton when he recorded that joint. I mean, literally up in the sky swimming with the fishes. LOL. Actually, as I sit here watching this joint. The whole thing is hilarious. I mean, who invited the entire Jackson family? And what happened to the careers of the rest of these cats who aren’t named MJ, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder…? I mean, Kenny Loggins? Dione Warwick? Huey Lewis?! Jeffrey Osborne??!! Are you serious? And who invited Dan Akroyd? Shit, now I feel snubbed. Just imagine the few cats who were invited but ended up saying “Nah homey, I catch you next go ’round”. Then it becomes an international hit. I mean, how much of an asshole do you have to be to NOT to be a part of “USA for Africa” when every single legitimate cat in the business was there. Uhhhh PRINCE!!

I know, I know, you were too busy shooting hoops and making “Johnny Cakes” and Eggy Strata for Edward and Charlie Murphy on the shores of Lake Minnetonka…Believe me, I know.

Thanks for nothing…ha

– Lake


It’s messed up how old boy went “Scream” Michael Jackson…

When the Michael Jackson in the original “we are the world” is clearly “Thriller” Michael Jackson.

And that asian version of Stevie Wonder looks like he has the gout.


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2 Responses to “Perfectly Executed: “We Are The World””

  1. A Baller Says:

    Hilarious Post.. Best blog on the web.

  2. Will Says:

    FUCK THAT – asian people are awesome!!

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