Remy Ma Sentenced to 8 Years in the Clink


Daaayum homey, truly psycho chick Remy Smith aka Remy Mom just got the chin checka of a lifetime in the form of a 8 year bid delivered from Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Uviller.

It’s funny, it’s like the prison gods knew that Foxy was coming out, so Remy had to go in. And then before her, wasn’t the Lil Kim in the pokey on that “Not Snitchin'” bid? Anyway, I guess real jail time was a shocker to Ms. Ma and her crew. Fiance Papoose aka Ronnie DeVoe Jr. Jr. was pretty pissed off:

“Get the fcuk off me. Fcuk y’all. Fcuk jail,” the performer yelled as the hearing ended and bailiffs escorted him out of the Manhattan court. “I don’t care. Lock me up. Lock me up. Take me to jail. Arrest me. It’s all about money.”

Damn homey, at least you took it like a man. What did you expect to happen? Come on, you expect us to believe that she accidentally shot ole girl in front of Pop Burger, then just happened to flee the scene until she crashed her SUV?

How does that work? “Where in the hell is my money, Bam! Oh sorry Brock, I shot your ass accidentally, now I’ll RUN instead of trying to give you medical attention, Get WELL.” Huh? Look, Remy is a NUT and clearly this Papoose character doesn’t have a shred of sense either. After all, this clown is the one who got his wedding nixed because he got caught sneaking a handcuff key into Rikers. Veeeeery intelligent. I mean, are those ‘cuff keys one size fits all or something? I guess so.

Thug Love. Nothing beats it. Out of respek for Remy and her 8 year bid, we’ll leave her with a decent picture where she doesn’t look half as crazy as she really is.

Peace baby.

– Lake

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One Response to “Remy Ma Sentenced to 8 Years in the Clink”

  1. Janet Corner Says:

    I am depressed. People have no understanding that freedom is something different than what they think it is!


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