Good Enough To Post: Lollipop Remix Feat. Kanye West


If you’re a Kanye West or Lil Weezy fan (I’m both) this is a veeeery worthy Remix to Lollipop for your listening pleasure.

These cats are going to start to get a liiittle bit too esoteric for me in a sec.

Now, they aren’t there yet, but I can see it going in that direction with the Zapp and Roger voice distortion and “swimming with the pigeons” type flow. Anyway, this shit is hot for now. Enjoy.

– DJ Lake-Ski


Oh shit, I just caught that lil Weezy preemptive “no homo” (which is just a hilarious development in the ‘homo’ fusion brand on hip hop that’s out there now) before the “He’s so sweet make me wanna lick the rapper” line. Haaaaaaaaaaaaa. Boy, haters say I over analyze things. I disagree, how could anybody worth a nickel miss that critical line? Man, I’m off my game. Back to the lab!

– Lake

3 Responses to “Good Enough To Post: Lollipop Remix Feat. Kanye West”

  1. Rocky Says:

    Weezy is definitely flowing out of this world of late. I already can’t keep up. But I like dat shit. Can’t wait for that album to drop.

  2. Will Says:

    I hope Wheezy isn’t serious about that album cover tho – with the baby? – that aint look right…

  3. Lake Arlington Says:

    “Tell a girl like Doritos that’s Not Cho Cheese!” Perfect.

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