Checking in with Miss Teen South Carolina


I’m not sure why, but I was just sitting around wondering what’s up with good ole Miss Teen South Cack the other day. You remember her, Miss “US Americans”, “The Iraq” and all the rest of the foolishness which proves without a shadow of a doubt exactly how George Bush got reelected.

Anyway, I did some research and found out that the former “honors student” is modeling full-time for Donald Trump now. I know, shocker.

Damn, she’s looking a bit busty there. I don’t remember her bringing that kind of power before. Let’s look back.

Damn, maybe she always did have those tools. Dude, in all this controversy, I forgot about how hot this chick really is. I mean, look at this little pic I unearthed of the broad.

Awww, now see. She’s talking my language right here. Don’t let me dip down to NYC and to show this chick a few things.

That is, if Roger Clemens hasn’t hit already. Anyway, it’s a damn shame that the only time this babe looked somewhat average was when she had that perplexed look on her face after she attempted to answer that basic ass question from A.C. Slater.

Yeah, “face smiled, mouth shut, that’s the way we like her, what?” Just keep it pretty like Lake baby.

– Lake

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7 Responses to “Checking in with Miss Teen South Carolina”

  1. Scotty Jay Says:

    Dumb as rocks, but that body…wow. She’s out of this world hot man. Oh how I would hit thee, let me count the mickey fickey ways…. Like Manolo said in Scarface, “Look at dos fockin’ titties mang”.

  2. Rocky Says:

    Her body is off the charts. I’d hit. I’m sure Lake would too…

  3. Will Says:

    She’s a strong 7. I’d stab, even tho she dumb as a brick, but hey whats new?

  4. Lake Arlington Says:

    Damn son, only a 7? What would constitute and 8, 9 or 10? Your 9 must be reeeeally tight.. 10 must be the 9 when she was 19. No?

  5. Will Says:

    -1 pt: Im an assman. she lacking
    -1 pt: being ‘blonde’. I prefers them ‘dark’.
    -1 pt: opening her dumbazz mouth and ruining the illusion, lol. (which is kinda redundant to #2)

  6. Lake Arlington Says:

    Lol.. .now see. Wasn’t so easy to come up with those three points. You’re like Ray Allen right now homey. I hear ya though.

  7. Max Says:

    She might not have answered well… but she is damn hot

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