The Dumbest Person in Survivor and Perhaps World History


I was out late last night taking in the DJing skill of Questlove, so I missed my standard Thursday night line-up of Maury Povich (lol), Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites and Lost. So I just now got to see this fool Erik get talked into giving up his individual immunity necklace for no damn reason, only to get immediately VOTED OUT of the game and di-rect-itally into the smack down hotel.

Yo, it was just unbelievable. Never in your life have you seen the intersection of such a nice, naive/trusting and STUPID person than this dude. I mean, watching this guy let’s me know exactly how George W. Bush got re-elected. We live in a Nation Full of Eriks!!! What an idiot. The only thing that matters in Survivor is NOT getting voted off. This cat Erik has been winning challenge after challenge. The women who were left on the Island told him, point blank, that they wanted him gone. Worse, this season has been particularly replete with all kinds of underhanded back stabbing surprises. So why in the HELL would this fool allow himself to get talked into giving up hard fought Immunity? I mean, if you’ve EVER seen this show, just peep how this cat gets worked over. You don’t have to know anything else BUT that he’s got Immunity, this other broad doesn’t and he’s by far the biggest physical threat left in the game.

I mean, that is just CLASSIC. What an asshole. And he’s a fan of the show too!!! Like, how can you not know that a bunch of chicks would want YOU, a dude who continues to whoop ass in challenges, out of the game? I hate to say it, but with stupidity like that, you got what you deserved.

Enjoy that budding Ice Cream Scooper career (no lie), NOT winning the Million Dollars and being known as one of the biggest dumb asses in Survivor, Reality TV and World history.. Damn. By the way, the Finale is on Sunday and I definitely will be watching. I’ve got to go ahead and put my money on Parvati to cut down the nets.

Oh yes, Parv is the best.

– Lake

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11 Responses to “The Dumbest Person in Survivor and Perhaps World History”

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  2. ScooterAl Says:

    Erik wants to be put in bondage and have stuff inserted in him by Amanda.

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  4. pip Says:

    I’d do him. Who cares what he thinks or says, he is highly fuckable.

  5. Lake Arlington Says:

    Pip, are you man or Wo-man?

  6. Libby Says:

    I am a wo-man

  7. Libby Says:

    and I’d fuck his brains out, as long as he just kept his mouth shut the whole time.

  8. Lake Arlington Says:

    Libby, I thought you were anti white dude, now you’re fucking his brains out? I may need a picture of you! lol

  9. Pip Says:

    Libby, what the hell do you have to do with it, don’t think he was asking you as this is the first time I have seen you on this link. Catch a quick clue!

    Lake, I am a WOMAN and Libby will just have to take what’s left of him.

  10. Pip Says:

    And I like them in every color!!!!!

  11. Lake Arlington Says:

    Pip, we may need a pic of you as well.. ha

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