Protect & Serve? Philadelphia Police Brutality


the more things change, the more they stay the same. No, this isn’t a reverse angle on the Rodney King beating. This is a video tape of an ass whooping the Philadelphia Police Department put on three dudes on MONDAY, May 5, 2008 that they think may have been present when another dude shot a cop over the weekend. The actual shooter is still at large! I can’t imagine what they’re going to do to him when they catch him.

Why did they pull these cats out of their car and beat the living shit out of them without trying to safely, no check that, humanely take them into custody?

Oh yeah, I forgot, once a cop gets killed nothing else matters. It’s just time to pull cars over and whoop the ass of everyone in the car regardless of who they are or how they may or may not be involved. I know, I know, they probably knew exactly who was in the car. They probably had some advanced information that the exact three people they wanted were in that car, right. That ass beating, while completely illegal and unconstitutional, was completely justified.

Sure, because cops are always right, even when they’re wrong. Just like when they killed Sean Bell in NYC ON HIS WEDDING DAY, right?

Let me ask the judge in that case something: If three plain clothes coppers shooting an unarmed dude 50 times, thereby killing him when he’s just celebrating his marriage with some buddies, isn’t a negligent use of deadly force, what is? What, do these cop have to shoot a cat 100 times, stab him, piss on him and then post a diss record up on youtube in order to obtain criminal street cred? I mean, I’m not sure what legal reasoning they were using, but in my book shooting an unarmed man 50 times is inherently negligent. And if you did shoot a cat 50 times accidentally, you better have a damn good reason for doing it. Don’t tell me that when you jumped out with your guns and no uniform that he tried to drive away, who wouldn’t?

Every single one of these clowns up in Philly should be thrown off the Police force and put in jail (and the Feds definitely need to look into that Sean Bell matter), but you know they won’t. You know that in Philly one cop will take the fall and the rest will just get “paid leave” some “sensitivity training” and high fives when they walk back into the Department. Meanwhile, you have to assume these geniuses knew that these helicopters were equipped with surveillance cameras, right? So if they do shit like this when the cameras are rolling, what kind of savagery goes on when nobody is around to see it?

And they wonder why people hate cops.

– Lake

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27 Responses to “Protect & Serve? Philadelphia Police Brutality”

  1. The Truth Says:

    I have been reading your posts for a while now and I will say that you are almost on point with this one. The three “perps” had just committed a drive-by shooting in the neighborhood then lead police on a car chase. I AM NOT DEFENDING THE ACTIONS OF THE POLICE just pointing out that the three “angles” MAY be guilty of a crime. The scene played out in the Hunting Park section of Philadelphia shortly after a triple shooting at the intersection of Second and Cayuga. Just thought you might want to know whats really going on, I mean if you are interested in the truth. Your article is clearly pro-“perp” but I guess that drive-by shooters get a free pass to heaven as long as they get the sh*t kicked out of them by the po-po. Frankly as a member of the community, its about f’in time. I am tired of going to funerals for friends and family. To hell with the gun carring criminals! Having said that, what did you expect? Kill a cop and you think your going to just skate around with the ‘hood protects you? NO, the first person who breaks the law and gives a cop an attitude is getting a free ride to the hospital and then to jail. If your not down with that…stay off the streets for a week or so!!! Its called “Street Smarts.” I am not a smart guy by any means but I know that if you hit a cop you are going to get beat down like a mofo!

  2. Will Says:

    I need to jack that poster for my Myspace blog posting. ‘F**k the Police’

  3. Lake Arlington Says:

    Truth, I hear you. I’m not saying that the police don’t have a reason to do what they do. As Chris Rock said, “there’s a reason to kick an old man down a flight of steps, but just don’t do it.” Of course they had a reason.

    I’m saying that they are professionals, and there is no possible justification for that scene there. It really doesn’t matter what preceded it. I hear what you’re saying, the community wants killers and others who terrorize their lives dealt with, but when you let lawlessness like this go on unchecked, next time it’s you getting pulled out of a car and beaten within an inch of your life behind a profile.

    I’m NOT pro perp. But I have enough friends who at one time or another have happened to fit some alleged description and have been stopped by cops and cuffed over some bullshit to know that I can’t trust these geniuses to make summary judgments with “street” justice. That’s aside from the fact that it just not right to begin with. It’s also not right for these cops to beat down three dudes on a public street when they are clearly NOT resisting arrest. If they are guilty of what you say they did, they’ll fry anyway.

    Pro perp, no, pro justice, yes and law enforcement officials should be held to the HIGHEST standard in that regard, not let run around whooping ass whenever they happen to feel justified to do so. That was not justice by any measure. And if things keep going that way, you’ll just see more dead Po Po’s lying in the streets, because people just won’t put up with it. Then you’ll have lawlessness for real. You think folks will just allow cops to kill people on hunches without retribution? How long will that last?

    Again, I didn’t know that information and I appreciate it, but I call on police to be professionals. If they want to be lawless thugs, let them return to the streets where they came from so that they can mix with their fellow criminals and then the real law enforcement officers can lock their asses up too.

    And you just know that justice won’t be served on those officers, just like it wasn’t on the cops who murdered Sean Bell on his WEDDING DAY! The Cops demand accountability, but refuse to be accountable themselves. Thusly, I must leave you with this final thought in summary:

    Fuck the Philly Police Department. Ya feel me?

    Thanks for the info though. Much appreciated.. Keep reading and commenting.

    – Lake

  4. Lake Arlington Says:

    Will, go ahead and take whatever you want. Oh and Go Blue.. sike..ha

  5. The Truth Says:


    Those cops should be out of a job. From what I hear they will be in the next cell over from the shooters when the DA is finished. Justice served. They might have been stressed out or over worked or crying over the loss of a friend but we’ve all done that at one point. I know I have and I don’t go postal on everyone everyday. Now the po-po is? WTF

    Where I have issues with your article is you never hit the issue of why the po-po were even chasing the dudes! It makes it sound like they were stopped for speeding (something we all have done once or twice) and got the beat down. I am sick and tired of the gun violence. I feel like I live in Iraq… the only thing missing are the IED’s. Hopefully the thugs who are carring guns and shooting the innocent kids on the street corner think twice next time. Drive by = beat down. I mean lets be real here, 2 years before they plea out…get 7 yrs they are out in 3 with good behavior?? If yall are all about justice… where were yall when a drive by killed the 3 year-old girl? Where is the justice for her? Yall gonna strap up throw a badge on and come walk the beat in my ‘hood? Can yall do better?

    I don’t know anything about the NYC thing. I don’t live there, nor do I experience it. I feel bad for all lives lost before its their time.

    For the record, I appreciate the educated responce. Maybe I am just too fustrated and fed up. Sorry.

  6. Lake Arlington Says:

    Look up the NYC thing, it’s crazy and just know that they’ve done it before (ini nyc). Plain clothes cops roll up on a dude, he runs or tries to defend himself and they kill him. The last cat they shot up, on his front steps mind you, didn’t speak English. They shot him up in the soles of his FEET!!! Again, the cops are charged with acting in a professional manner. Do you think they pulled those dudes out of the car and beat them because they particularly care about gun violence? No. They did it because gun violence finally caught one of their own. As for me putting a badge on, that’s not my job. IT IS THEIR job. They get paid, very well, for that job.

    And when they make mistakes, they fight tooth and nail to cover it up for their own benefit. You wait and watch, one head may roll for that beating, but I guaran-damn-tee that “they” meaning all 12 or so of them WILL NOT be in anybody’s jail cell over this incident. No, they’ll be out on the streets, enjoying their lives. I hear you about the violence and I understand that people are fed up, but you and I both know that hardened criminals are not deterred by beat downs from Po Po’s pissed off because one of their own got taken down.

    I think you have a well-reasoned and rational approach to the issue, but let’s be clear, that could have been YOU or your cousin in that car. Just because they say they saw someone shooting out of the car doesn’t mean they did. You have to understand, they lie with regularity. You cannot trust cops, especially when they are in the wrong. Have you watched the Wire. Talk to any Police and they will tell you. The vast majority of Cops are there, first and foremost, to protect and serve themselves, right or wrong.

    Let me be clear though, I am in NO WAY in favor of any slug terrorizing our streets. No fucking way. I just want some accountability from those who are sworn and PAID to do a fucking job the right way. Look up that Sean Bell case.

  7. Be On It Says:

    Sh!t like this makes me long for black communities to have sometimes like what Pearl Cleage describes in her novels (beware, it’s chick lit, so just check the overview on Amazon or something like that). We need to go back to self contained communities that policied themselves ina righteous way. Let the men be men, like when poodle skirts were the shizznet and you could get a soda for a nickel (I think).

  8. Be On It Says:

    Oops, I meant something instead of sometimes. Need caffeine. And the novels refer to the Blue Hamilton character in the novels set in the West End, ATL.

  9. Will Says:

    damn what i just walk in on??? ay the cops are waaaay outta control right now. Whther gunning cats down in cold blood murder (Diallo, Bell) or just TASING the fuck outta loud-mouth UF students (dont tase me, bro) its insane. These guys are bringing cannons to knife fights – sorta speak.

    Even here in liberal Austin, TX, cops beat the f*** out of a random vato, held him down on an fireant pile, it was ALL ON CAMERA, and they got off scott free!

    consequently, this pissed off a lot of hippies.

    Lake -Yo OSU is takin over shit this year (Terrell Pryor ya’ll – we got 2008-2011 on lock!)

  10. Lake Arlington Says:

    Pryor is the truth, but so are about 50 or so cats, three deep at all the speed positions, at ‘Bama, Auburn, LSU and Florida. Hate to say it, but he Big 10 is soft man. PSU aint really legit. UM hasn’t been right in a minute and then rest is just debris. OSU needs to toughen up the schedule if they want to compete with the big boys. Sorry playa, that “school up north” rivalry aint cuttin it.

  11. Lake Arlington Says:

    Chick Lit? Come on Be, would you really respect me if I got that reference?

  12. Triple_B Says:

    Truth let’s call that what it was. Mob justice. The same type that was applied in the old west with the posses (illegal) and the same type that was applied to slaves (race-card and still illegal). Lake is right it doesn’t matter what these guys were doing before. “Innocent until proven guilty in a court of law” is still the basis of our system and your right as well as theirs. We give the police the power to protect serve arrest and detain. Not judge and definitely not to dole out punishment. There wasn’t even an attempt to detain on that video it was a pure hood asswhoopin from start to finish. The kind you see on the blacktop. No excuse for GROWN MEN to act that way, so where do the cops get off? How can you put your trust, your safety, your families lives, in the hands of people who do that? You wanna start giving up some rights for safety you go right ahead, but as for me i will fight against these kind of occurrences tooth and nail not just cuz i need it cuz everybody else needs it.



  13. Will Says:

    yeh we do kinda struggle with the SEC (2 yrs in row!). Speed kills us -still…..go Buckeyes

  14. CORY Says:

    this was and always be about race……..i used to work for the police years ago and had to stop because they are a bunch of uneducated crazed behaving like insane marines. they come to the office laughing and joking how they beat some one up, how they knew this one white man was not guilty but they had to give him a ticket just to make their quota! White cops are all about race. That is the one job they love……that is lording over people, beating and maming and killing is what white men do best. They are known as serial killers…..everyone knows that the majority of serial killers come from the white race……even their teens who go around shooting up schools….where else do you think they get this from….their parents…who have them strung out on drugs… is sad….if you think they are great dog lovers, think again…..they only love dogs as a replacement for a slave on a leash……think about it!!!! They have got to have someone or some thing on a leash or someone or some thing locked up…….they are not good judgers of anything………just nuts!!!!When a person is out of control sexually, they will do anything!!! Think about it… control of self means abuse of others.

  15. The Truth Says:

    Because this discussion has lost its focus…

    The three “perps” had just committed a drive-by shooting in the neighborhood then lead police on a car chase. I AM NOT DEFENDING THE ACTIONS OF THE POLICE just pointing out that the three “angles” MAY be guilty of a crime. The scene played out in the Hunting Park section of Philadelphia shortly after a triple shooting at the intersection of Second and Cayuga. Just thought you might want to know whats really going on…

    From my orginal post. How many of you live on these streets? And way to keep it classy by playing the race card… SERIOUSLY… a bullet from a drive by doesn’t choose its victims… it just kills. How come noone commented on the 4 year old that was killed in the drive by? Forget the homicide rate in Philly is insane. Too busy yellin’ “f-ck the police”… funny how Ice-t made millions on that line and now plays a cop in L & O. I beleive that there were 3 or 4 black cops and 3 or 4 hispanic cops involved in the beat down. But Hey… who cares about the truth when you can just play the race card.

  16. Triple_B Says:

    My man this has not lost it’s focus. Clearly you have though. I live in east harlem by the way so when you talk about “these streets” I’m fuckin in em. But don’t think that just because there was drive-by 2 mins earlier or there was a stabbing next door that i want the police dishing out merciless, unquestioned beatings. And the race card was a small part of my post (moreover i never mentioned the race of the police) the purpose of my post was to say that the enforcers of the law are, more than anybody, bound by it. Get a grip I ain’t buying that brand of crazy today.

  17. Libby Says:

    The races can not live together. Sad but true. That does not mean that we should beat the living shit out of each other, but let’s face it, whether it is here or in Africa or China or France, people of different colors, races and religions can not and never will be able to live together. These police officers should get it bad, they deserve the punishment, but never ever forget we will never ever be able to live in peace together, it will not happen. I have posted before and I spent summers with my family on a reservation on Montana. Indians know what the rest of you have not figured out. Harmony is a big fat lie. Whites and blacks are the worst. I have never seen two groups filled with more hate.

  18. Lake Arlington Says:

    Libby, WTF are you talking about? I agree that America has problem and that people will kill each other over their differences, but what did black people do to you or your “people”? In Northern Ireland, “the races” kill each other over religion. People just hate other people, race is a simple scapegoat. I can see why you’d be mad at white people, they killed Indians off, but why are “blacks the worst.”? Come on, you’re in Utah if memory serves, what the hell do you know about blacks? Terrible post, per usual.

  19. Libby Says:

    No not a terrible post at all, just the truth. I did not always live in Utah, just got stuck here with a job. I lived in Houston for two years and Roswell Georgia for 18 months so I know a little of what I speak. And your point about Northern Ireland is exactly what I was saying, diversity only works from a distance, we can not and do not mingle well. And of course they fight in Northern Ireland, its a bunch of idiot Christians, what the hell. Some of the most bombastic wars in history have been fought by that group. So, if race is a scapegoat, are the officers racist or just assholes? I guess I don’t get what side you are arguing. By the way read some history, ever heard of the Buffalo Soldiers? The 9th and 10th Cavalry Regiments conducted campaigns against American Indian tribes from Montana to Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona during the Indian Wars, approximately twenty percent of the U.S. Cavalry troopers were Black, and they fought over 177 engagements. So forgive me if I am just a bit biased.

  20. Libby Says:

    By the way, whites suck worse!

  21. Lake Arlington Says:

    You’re asking me to read some history? lol. Are you serious? There are black people who fought for the South, ostensibly against their own freedom, in the Civil War and White abolitionists who argued for the humanity of slaves during the antebellum period. If you’d like, I can find you a White Irish Muslim who has a hit rap album and a rock n roll career, too (Everlast). My point is that you can find anecdotal evidence to support any hair brained theory, but the preponderance of history shows little to no beef between Black Americans and Native Americans. Now, show me one of your “books” that justifies your claim that:

    “Whites and blacks are the worst. I have never seen two groups filled with more hate.”

    I mean, can you actually support that statement with any sort of empirical fact? And the Ireland issue does NOT support your view. Your stated position was that the races could not get along, ie. race being the salient and defining factor in societal discord. I gave you an example where race was controlled for, but yet people were still fighting over something OTHER than race. I could give you several examples were different races live in relative peace now (Brazil).

    My position is that the officers, and many cops, put less value on black lives and thus beat the living shit out of them with no regard when they’re pissed off given the death of a colleague and that further, that it’s wrong.

    But that doesn’t justify your statement that “blacks and whites” are “the worst” with the most hate in their hearts. And you know that because you saw a few blacks in Houston and GA?

    You sound fairly limited on life experience. How old are you? I mean, you say that you have a job, but did you attend a college and study these topics? Got some degrees? You sound fairly ridiculous right now. I think Native Americans have a legitimate beef with American society in general and white Americans in particular, but using your reasoning, it seems like the only ethnicity that is “good” would be, well, your own. How does that work?

  22. libby Says:

    Even my own race has issues. To say that all Indians are the same is to say that all whites come from Britain or all Blacks come from Kenya. And when I lived in the South, it was not just blacks that I observed but a whole lot of idiot whites. But in your anger at each other, whites and blacks have drowned out everyone else. It is always and only about your two races. It gets tiresome. I am 26, I made it through college and finished at the University of Colorado, Boulder. And some semesters I did brilliantly, others I just did not give a royal shit. Mainly because I got so tired of the blah blah blah of Ph.D’s who were book smart and life retarded. I tend to disagree with you about Brazil. Blacks and indigeneous people get the shaft there and apparently you are not familiar with the assassination squads that thought it was okay to kill poor, homeless minority people. They live in peace, sort of, a very fragile peace, mainly during Mardi Gras. Cops, throughout the world, even tribal police use power against those they police. Like I said, I think that those officers should get the shit kicked out of them. But, I go back to my original premise, we should all just look at each other from a distance because we sure as shit can’t live together. And that’s a fact.

  23. Libby Says:

    Every one filters history through their own history, slights, indignities, etc. You do it and so do I. I did finish my degree at University of Colorado, Boulder, which I know is not up to your standards. But, alas finish it I did, in of all things social work. I got tired of people – of all races and ethnicities and religions – being idiots and breeding idiots at that and I figured only a dumbass tries to help people who do not want to be helped for $34,000 a year. So now, I work for a software company and in the winter teach kids to ski and in the summer drive a ski boat for my brother during race season. I may not be a rocket scientist, but I do o.k.

  24. Libby Says:

    I guess what I don’t get Lake is that most everything you say on your site here is pretty racial in context, but when I come at if from my own viewpoint, you call me a racist. Of course Indians in the Southeast had no issues with whites or blacks, they gave up, gave in and were subdued pretty quickly, they were farmers for christ sake. But, it was a very different thing with the Plains Indians, they had a bit more shall we say…fortitude, until they were almost annihilated. When I lived in Texas I got so sick of whites and blacks pretending they were united, open minded people. Bullshit, for the most part they hated each other. They smiled and said nice things and then the minute one of them went out of the room, or something went down, they were right there calling each other derogatory names. You hate me because I just say what I feel is true and make no apologies for it. I am a lot of things, hypocrite is not one of them.

  25. Lake Arlington Says:

    Libby, I’m not saying you’re racist. Don’t think I ever said that. I just think that if you come on and say “blacks and whites are the worst” then it’s fair to question that. Hey, clearly you are educated…Colorado is fine thank you. I’m not that much of an ass.. Well, yes I am, but I respect your education, but I still think your statements are damn near indefensible. No hate, just calling it like I see it. I don’t think you’re in a position to make sweeping statements about millions of people is all. Even I don’t go that far and I’m a wild cat who generally believes in the inherent negativity in most people. With that said, I believe that people are people, meaning some good and some bad. Again, you have rightful beef with white folks and I say that as a white dude. I can’t see how you can blame African Americans globally, for what happened to Native Americans. I also don’t think you can use isolated incidents and your annoyance with people, to paint entire races. But that’s just me. Now, you hate YT, but want to F* survivor boy…. How does that work and when will I get my picture?

  26. Lake Arlington Says:

    Lib, I think you’d find that there are more people who are sympathetic to your core position than you know. It’s impossible to get on board, however, with your sweeping accusations against the hearts and minds of all those people based solely on their racial make up.

  27. Libby Says:

    It is wrong to paint entire races, I agree. My own biases and sadnesses and ego come into play and obviously I often think before I type. Mea culpa. Maybe much of what I feel is coming off of what I did for a living and perhaps it would be better to say that while I started as a bleeding heart, right now I tend to think the worst of humanity and when I am honest, it includes my own damn people. Social work either makes you a saint or makes you a jerk. I am the latter. I trust that I will come back to the middle ground someday. I do not think you are an ass, I love debate and I thoroughly enjoy your site. I am a “shit stirrer” and my family will tell you I am not just a bitch…. I am a “fucking bitch.” I will forward a picture, nothing great I can assure you. I love men and I must admit that I like them with no special preference for any one look. Like when you post the girls on your site, they are all quite different from each other but have that certain something that appeals to you. I feel the same way even though some of them are dumber than a box of rocks. That is why birth control rocks.

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