Fox Boogie is Back


It looks like that Jailhouse diet did Foxy Brown some good.

I don’t know, does Jet have airbrush? Perhaps. Regardless, Fox has never looked better and let’s be clear, it hasn’t always been that way. Isn’t it funny that even in blazer the Ill Na Na still knows how to freak it up? But this time it’s in a good way. I mean, the long silky weave is perfectly integrated with the baby hair. The nutso make-up is muted errr drowned out by the coat and that car and that waistline is looking very decent. I like it. No need to call out the J, that’s always been her gimmick. Anyway, good stuff from Fox. Now if she could only get Jay Z to write her some lyrics again. Remember this?

Now that was fire.

– Lake


Remember the debate of “who looks better” Foxy or Lil’ Kim?

Back when it was this v. this….that is a legit debate.  Now….

that it is deez over here v. those over there. The answer is neither.



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3 Responses to “Fox Boogie is Back”

  1. Will Says:

    The ‘Ill na na’ Fox and the ‘Hardcore’ Kim – that was it right therr.

  2. Pip Says:

    Oh come on now, you would hit that in a New York minute if you had the chance, don’t get all indignant now.

  3. Rad-Z Says:

    Foxy lives up to her name “Fox Brown”…I ain’t feeling kim her voice is the most annoying thing I ever heard…

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