Ozzie Guillen Can Manage My Team Anyday


I love this cat.

I especially appreciated how he stuck the landing at the end with that little chuckle at the end.

Oh, with all the beeps, let me show you what he basically was saying:

‘We won it a couple years ago, and we’re horse[spooge],” Guillen said. ”The Cubs haven’t won in 120 years, and they’re the [cunnilinguiling]ing best. [Finger-bang] it, we’re good. [Finger-bang] everybody. We’re horse[spooge-swallowers], and we’re going to be horse[spooge-swallowers] the rest of our lives, no matter how many World Series we win. We are the bitch of Chicago. We’re the Chicago bitch. We have the worst owner — the guy’s got seven [nut-tickle]ing rings, and he’s the [midget-fuck]ing horse[spooge-swallowing] owner.”

Ozzie is the best. World Series Champion, has his players backs and he doesn’t hit you with that ridiculous Baseball speak about “well Sandy (or some other random nickname with a Y at the end) just didn’t have his best stuff tonight, he was nibbling”… AHNT. I hate that shit. Don’t hit me with 50 cliches, some rhetoric about the DL list and then some throwaway line about how “we just have to hit”… No kidding. So what you’re telling me, standard baseball manager, is if I could say all that foolishness and pull off the double switch, I could be a manager too? Sadly, that’s exactly what these seam heads are saying. Terrible. I’m with Ozzie! Let the haters hate.

– Lake

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2 Responses to “Ozzie Guillen Can Manage My Team Anyday”

  1. Will Says:

    Gyot-DAMN thats real talk right therr! i like shit like that – we need more of it in the world, dammit.

  2. KIR in NV Says:

    Ozzie Guillen = Us

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