Hey Hillary, the jig is up, you lost


What possible rationale could Hillary Clinton or even a Hillary Clinton supporter have to keep the Senator from New York in the race at this point?

Ok, other than that cat. Honestly, at this point the only way Hillary can win this race would be to hijack it from the will of the people. The primaries are functionally over. She lost the popular vote plain and simple. I mean, who is she trying to be, the first female president, someone who is respected for her mind and toughness or Georgia Dubyah Bush, a chick who had to resort to tomfoolery, deception and post-shifting just so that she can win no matter what the cost?

At this point there is a clear credibility issue at stake. I mean, if Hilly C. somehow manages to trick the Super Delegates into going against the popular vote, not only will she undermine her own candidacy in the general election, but she’ll ruin the legitimacy of the Democratic Party globally. Hell, I’m a ride or die Democrat and I might have to leave those fools if they pull some Florida/Katherine Harris inspired bullshit just so she can run against Old Mayne McCain.

I know, I know, we need to seat the Michigan and Florida delegates and if we did, Hillary would actually win the popular vote.

Sure, but only because of a bullshit technicality. Hillary’s name just happened to stay on that ballot and Barack Obama’s name happened to be off it. How is that indicative of the will of the people in those states? Shit, Lake Arlington running on the Democratic ticket could have won with nobody else on the ballot based on Party Line GP off the top. That isn’t indicative of anything. Besides, where was all this high and mighty rhetoric about the necessity to uphold the enfranchisement of the Florida and Michigan voters back when the Party decided not to seat them initially?

Oh, that’s right, back then the Clinton camp didn’t give a hot damn because she was the prohibitive favorite to win. Hey baby doll, it’s just too little too late. Face it, you underestimated Obama, rolled those dice as you prepared for McCain/Giuliani in the general election and got your ass burned. I mean, but for this absurd Reverend Wright nonsense, that is complete bullshit by the way, you wouldn’t have even been close to Obama in the last few primaries. Moreover, these have been your best two to three weeks and Barack’s worst two or three weeks. Obama STILL whooped your ass in North Carolina and gave you everything you wanted in Indiana.

Just accept it, you lost. There is no possible way you can win this nomination without destroying yourself, the democratic process, the Democratic Party or any possible hope of actually taking back the White House. Shit, you might have already fucked Barack and millions of Democrats with this nonsense about Wright, rural voters “clinging to guns”, religion and bullshit (which is clearly true) and all the rest of your irrelevant shenanigans you resorted to once this thing started going Barack’s way.

Hey Hillary, do you hear that? Yeah, I do. It’s the millions….and millions of voters chanting “Warm up the bus, Warm up the bus”… It’s the sounds of “Nah nah nah nah, nah nah naaah nah, hey hey hey, GOODBYE!!!”

Now Beat It Woman!

– Lake

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9 Responses to “Hey Hillary, the jig is up, you lost”

  1. ODB Says:

    She’ll quit soon enough. I heard she’s angling for the VP slot.

  2. Rush L. Says:

    The Democrats are fucking themselves and I love it. Run Hillary run!!!

  3. Danger Says:

    That Reverend Wright throwing the Que hooks picture is hilarious. Where did you get that? Perfect and great blog. You guys are the best.

  4. Rev. Wright Says:

    GAME OVER FOR HILLARY.. When she says “I will not ever stop fighting for you” she really means, “I’m delusional” and “I will not quit until Bill sits my ass down and gives me a stiff talking to”.. Hillary, take another swig of Whisky, go fire your guns and get back on the bed of that truck. You’ve changed your image, I guess, but you’re just DONE. IT’S OVER.. You don’t have to go home, but you must get the fuck outta here.

  5. Gasoline Says:

    She should be able to run as long as she wants to.

  6. Lake Arlington Says:

    Gas, she can run as long as she wants. The point is that her loss is now inevitable. There is literally nothing she can do to close this gap. Now she’s just hurting the party, nothing more. As for shoulds.. I should have been the starting PG at Duke back in the day, but guess what, I wasn’t. Ok?

  7. RosyF Says:

    I like to keep it light here on UvT but I’ll weigh in on Hil C. I actually don’t think they should seat the delegates. FL and MI broke the rules and should deal with the consequences or else other states will be tempted to do the same in 4 years. Normally I am one for second chances however the DNC needs to check some of it members. Is it punitive? Yes. But sometimes you gotta lay the smackdown to let peeps know who’s boss.

  8. Will Says:

    Man i blogged this exact same shit today. I wonder if Hitlery will do some ‘ol janky Bush shit and try to judicially swipe some votes in the 11th hour?

  9. Lake Arlington Says:

    What’s your blog address?

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