Done Deal: Nick and Mariah, go back like Duke and Carolina


Let the divorce clock start running.

This is crazy and there isn’t much more that can be said than that. Maybe she’s making a Baby Push at the ripe age of 38. I can’t hate on that if she is. But she should have known better than not get that prenuptial agreement because this thing WILL NOT LAST. Mark my words.

– Lake


Quick comment.  That all white loose suit Nick is rocking with the big lapels and the kool-aid smile is Oh-Double F key.

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6 Responses to “Done Deal: Nick and Mariah, go back like Duke and Carolina”

  1. KIR in NV Says:

    “Mark my words”…duly noted.

    Can I get in on the UvT Mariah v Nick office pool? Put me down for 09/25/2008.

  2. Lake Arlington Says:

    It depends. Are they planning immediate preggers? If yes, I give them to July 4, 2009 to be done and December 19, 2009 to announce it. The baby excitement will keep the diva craziness at bay. Plus, Nick appears to be relatively soft. Hell, they might have just decided that he was going to be the father of her child, so she wanted the kid to be born in wedlock. I have a hard time believing that this relationship was born out of actual love. Mariah Carey? She’s too outwardly crazy to keep a real relationship on the low. It’s tough… I agree, no baby, 2008, yo baby, 2009. You know Nick likes to get his extra ho on too…I mean, he cheated on Milian, that tells you something.

  3. ODB Says:

    It’s about time someone made this chick an honest woman. What good are those fake boobs, flat belly and thick thighs if they aren’t being put to good use. I definitely think you’ll hear about her pregnancy soon enough. That is the only reason she would get married like this. Nick has had some great ass in his day. Kardashian, Milian, Selita, Anya and I’m sure a bunch we don’t know of.

  4. Be On It Says:

    I wonder how the proceeds get split from the sale of her wedding pics. No prenup? Ole Nicky knows he has to ride that thang til the breaks fall off. Unless they pulled one of those Tracey Edmonds Eddie Murphy “spiritual ceremonies.” I’d like to put a cool $5 on that revelation coming out if her tour ticket sales start to slump.

  5. KIR in NV Says:

    Nick attended my elementary school. He also went to my high school. Notice I said “went” (don’t think he graduated). I hope he’s planning to earmark some of his (eventual) divorce settlement for the Nick Cannon Performing Arts Center somewhere in Spring Valley.

  6. Will Says:

    Maaaaan WT-flying-F?!?!?! Dude this is…..ioneven…man…Im at a lost for words! dammit I’ll come up with a colorful metaphor later but right now this is sum extreme…damn!! LOL yo – thats sabout as ugly as anything I’ve seen on! (there, theres my metaphor lol)

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